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If you are working on the perfect kitchen, then you will find that a worktop is an important aspect which needs to be taken into consideration. In this text, you will learn where to find the perfect professional for your tile, stone and worktop needs along with how much they will cost and examples of how long their work will take. 

Which professionals can help me with my tile, stone and worktops?

Depending on which room you would like to include your tiles and stone in, you can find a professional, whether they are a kitchen fitter, or a designer, who can help you choose the perfect material for your home. If you choose to work with a kitchen planner and fitter, then they will take into consideration many different aspects before they help you with a design. However you may also want to consider working with a tile and marble setter. These professionals will be able to cut and shape a tile in your preferred room and give a beautiful finished touch. Their average day involves coming up proposed plans for clients, and working on site. They will use a range of tools to create a mosaic or pattern using your tiles and stones. They are likely to also use blueprints which they have approved with you before hand too.

There are many tools used by a tile and marble setter. Some of these include:

Worktop Jig 

These are essential for cutting the joints in worktops. They should be suitable for the width of the worktop.

Framing Square 

This is used to check the squareness of your worktop once your kitchen fitter has installed it. It also has many other uses which your kitchen fitter will use it for from cabinets to flooring.


This is a very important tool which can be used in order to fit your kitchen perfectly. It will be used by your kitchen planner to install the worktop and to make sure that it is secure.


These are needed for cutting your worktop and making sure everything fits in place before it is final. Ideally four clamps will be used by your kitchen fitter.


These are especially important when it comes to making sure the pieces of your worktop fit properly. Your kitchen fitter is likely to have expensive cutters as they are a very important tool. 

What do tile and marble setters do? 

You will find that you need a tile and marble setter as soon as you have chosen your worktop. Simply by visiting a kitchen shop, you will be able to pick out the materials which are right for you, but for other rooms your professional can also make a big difference. Whether you prefer tile, stone or marble depends on your budget, so make sure to look into your options as marble is by far the most expensive.

A tile and marble setter  will receive your interest in the material and then they will be able to measure the space you would like your worktop to be. Once they have done this, they will order the right sized material for you and then cut this and fit this to the shape of your kitchen or room.

You will find that we need them because the material used to create a worktop can be huge, making it much too big to simply take home yourself. You will also find that the measurement and fitting of the piece can be very difficult if you do not have the right tools and experience either. Although you will find that a tile and marble setter is very important to the finish of your home, their work should not be too expensive. This is likely to be that, unlike many other professionals in the field, their work can be completed quickly, compared to a designer or an architect.

When Exactly Do I need tile and marble setters?

If you have decided on a worktop which is right for you, then you can begin to find a professional to help you out. They will be able to begin prepping and working on the original design you need in your home.. However, you may find that it is best to find a professional before this stage if you are unsure of the materials which work best for your home. They may be able to visit your kitchen and give you some ideas to help you choose the materials you like. You will find that, it is likely you’ll only need to hire a tile and marble setter to fit your worktop for a week or so. It should not take a long time, even sometimes as soon as a single day. The worktop or tiles in your home can be installed by either one professional, or they may need to work with others in a team. Depending on how big your kitchen is, you will need to find someone who is able to do the work quickly and professionally.

Why do I really need tile and marble setters?

You will find that, to install a worktop, there are many skills required. This means that to design and fit your own would require a lot of work, learning and time. Therefore, many people choose to work with a professional so that they have a beautiful kitchen in a much quicker time than if they did the work themselves. You will also find that to install tile or stone should not cost you too much when a professional does the work, however, if you do it yourself then reparation costs may set you back by a lot of money. So keep this in mind.

Where can I find a perfect tile and marble setter? 

A good idea is to look for the perfect professional is your local kitchen or marble showroom. Here there will be many professionals who can very easily plan and fit every material you need, whether this is tile or stone. However, you are very likely to find that you can also use homify to search for the right professionals in your area. By using the search function, you will be able to look for someone perfect for you in your local area. You can then look through their portfolio before reaching out to them using the contact information.


People use tile and marble setters in a very similar way every time. 

1. First, they are likely to reach out and communicate their needs with the professional. They will ask for a quote for the work. 

2. The professional will be hired to work, being paid by the hour usually, but sometimes for the entire project. They will be hired after a conversation about exactly what needs to be done. 

3. The setter is likely to be able to find and purchase the exact material their client needs. 

4. This will then be brought to the home and measured and fitted once more. 

5. Whether this is a large or small worktop, whether it is complicated or not, will dictate how long it takes for the work to be done. However, it is unlikely to take longer than a week unless you have a difficult material.


Overall, you will find that once you have chosen your material, it should not be long before you manage to find a marble and tile setter who is right for you and your needs. Keep homify in mind when you are beginning your search and always ask for a quote before you hire someone!

What Other Professionals Do I Need? 

Kitchen Planner 

A kitchen planner is someone who does all the work before you speak to a fitter. If you have recently built your home, then they are the right person to create a perfect plan for the centre of your home. You are likely to find that their work is not too expensive and they may be able to lead to you a perfect kitchen fitter too. 


An architect will work with many different tools in order to provide you with a home design which is functional and aesthetically pleasing for you and your family. Their work can be time and consuming and expensive, but they are irreplaceable in the planning of your home. 


A builder is someone who will work on the architect’s plan. They are likely to work in a group so that the work can be done more quickly. You can find many builders in your area simply by using word of mouth.