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When it comes to designing the perfect home, you will need to think about the textiles and upholstery which you will use. Many people now simply buy their textiles from a shop readymade. However, there are still many professionals around who work with both textiles and upholstery. In this text you will learn who they are and what they do.

Who can help me with my textiles and upholstery?

There are many different professionals that can help you, depending on what it is you need from them. These professionals include 

1.       A designer. An interior designer is just the right person to help you decide on patterns, colours and textures. Their average working day involves consultation with clients and suppliers. An interior designer is likely to know who supplies the best quality textiles and upholstery in the county. They will also spend their time taking measurements of your home, and even drawing up plans to make sure you are happy with the home design. 

2.       You are likely to find that you require an interior designer if you want to begin working with someone who can take over on the larger job of finding the ideas textiles and upholstery for your home. If you have a particular pattern or style in mind, then you may find it is a lot more difficult to do this yourself. When it comes to tools which your interior designer may use for choosing the perfect textiles and upholstery for you, it may be surprising how much of their work is based on initiative. However, they will like use tools including:

Measuring Tapes 

This tool is used to make sure the space which you require fabric is measured properly. It is extremely irritating to end up with a textile which does not fit your required space – whether this is your curtains or chair.

Pen and Paper 

This good old fashioned tool should not be underestimated. You will find that your designer is likely to use a pen and paper in order to show you their initial sketches and ideas for your home.

Online Design Software 

Once you have approved the hand drawn sketches, you may find that your designer is likely to create a model online of your room. They may also use design software to create a pattern which then can be printed on the material you want for your home. However, this can be an expensive process.

What type of designers exist? 

There are many different designers which can work with you to create the perfect patterns for your home and furniture. If you have a particular pattern you would like to replicate, then you may want to speak to a textile designer. You may find that their work is more expensive than if you had bought the fabric you needed from a shop, however, you will be left with the perfect design and very personal patterns. You will find that a designer, whether they are designing your textiles, or helping you source the materials and designing the room plan, are invaluable. A designer is the person you should speak to if you are short of time to research and find the perfect pieces for your home. However, their work can range from charging by the hour to charging you for a whole project. Both have the positives and negatives. In many different cases, you may find that you only need to hire a professional for an hour or two, in order to design your pattern. However, if you need someone to help you work on the upholstery of your entire home, then their rate may be a lot more expensive. The best way to find out how much someone charges is to simply ask for a quote! When exactly do I need Designers? If you have decided to hire a designer, then the best time to hire them is as soon as you have a clear idea of what you expect from them. They can’t help you unless you have a vague idea of the materials, textiles and upholstery you would like. Depending on the size of your project, you may want to hire them to work with you throughout the process, from designing to upholstering, or you may simply want a particular pattern for your home. In this case, you are likely to find that you do not require their work for long.

Why do I really need a designer? 

You may find that you can design your own patterns and textiles. However, the benefit of hiring a designer is that they will very easily be able to turn your plans into a reality in a much faster time than you are likely to be able to manage yourself. A professional will have the benefits of knowing who to speak to in order to make your home perfect. The benefits of hiring professionals are always that they should cut down the amount of time you spend working on your home. However, this does depend on the person, so make sure you have researched your professional in advance of hiring them.

Where can I find a perfect designer? 

As with everything home related, you are very likely to find that you can find a perfect designer on homify. Here, it is easy for you to search for people who are experienced in the textile and upholstery business too. Simply make sure to reach out to them in advance of hiring them to learn more about how much they charge.


People hire designers in many different ways. If you want all of the textiles in your home to be changed, then you are likely to find that you should hire someone who can initially create a pattern you like. You can then continue to work with them to pick out the material and texture you prefer. Or another option is to simply only hire someone to do the initial design phase. This all depends on how much work you would like them to take on and how much time they have to spare for you. 

1. First check homify to find the professional that is right for you 

2. Show them the pattern which you would like to use They will create your textiles and in the shape which is right for you. 

3. They will need measurements for this which they may take themselves 

4. Once your textiles are ready, they will then install them or you will need to pay for them yourself.


Overall, when it comes to creating the perfect textiles and upholstery for your home, you will find that a designer is the perfect person to hire. Whether you decide to hire them for an hour or the whole project, you won’t be disappointed with their help.

What Other Professionals Do I Need?


An architect is someone who can create the plan for your home. They will work with a range of tools, from CAD software to paper and pen. You will find that an architect can be very expensive. However, they are someone who you need when it comes to designing the perfect home for you and your family.

Kitchen Planner 

If you have recently built your home, then the next step is the interiors. For example, your kitchen is the place in which you will spend a large period of time and so it is very important for you to design it with care. You can find many kitchen planners on homify.


A professional tiler is someone who can add impressive details to either the interior or exterior of your home. You will find that they are the perfect person to work on your bathroom or kitchen. All you need to do is to simply check out homify to find the right tilers in your local area!