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Solar Energy Contractors

Fossil fuel usage is causing atmospheric temperature changes and polar ice caps to melt, and some would have you believe that there is little we can do to reverse this! Let’s not be so defeatist.

It’s time we all invested in renewables, en masse.

Okay, it sounds like a utopian dream, but there is someone who can help you be that little bit greener. Solar energy contractors.

What is a solar energy consultant?

Solar energy consultants offer advice and expertise in support of solar projects. Whether in the home or for more commercial undertakings. This may include information on what new types of solar energy retainers (panels, tiles, walls, etc.) are currently available on the market and what is suitable to the project you have in mind.

What different types of solar energy are there?

There are five different types of solar energy technology; photovoltaic systems, solar hot water, solar electricity, passive solar heating and daylighting and solar process space heating and cooling.

Photovoltaic systems produce electricity directly from sunlight, converting UV rays into energy.

Solar hot water is the use of solar energy, to heat water for use in showers, sinks and other technologies that require water for use.

Solar electricity utilizes the heat emitted by the sun for the production of electricity.

Passive solar heating and daylighting takes solar power and converts it into energy to both heat and light homes and other buildings.

Solar process space heating and cooling is using the sun’s heat to power commercial and industrial projects.

Where can I find a solar energy consultant?

You can search homify’s professionals tab, alongside your zip code and find the professional you’re looking for with projects they’ve completed, or if you’re the type of person who likes a recommendation from another person who may have used a consultant in the past, simply post a topic with what you’re looking for on Homify’s discussion board and both experts and other users will offer assistance.

How much should I budget for a solar energy consultant?

This entirely depends on the type of solar project you’re undertaking. It takes into account property size, energy usage as well as labor cost for installation. One positive of renewables is that, if your energy system produces more electricity than your home needs, you can either store it, with a battery and therefore there’s no cost for being on the grid, or, potentially even make a profit by selling back surplus energy to the power grid yourselves which may eventually outweigh the cost of installation.

How long will it take to fit solar projects?

For a general solar panel fitting, depending on how many you’ve settled on installing with your consultant to suit your needs, it should take no longer than two days. If your project includes custom fits or particularly tricky installations the estimated completion time will be longer. Your solar energy consultant will be able to provide you with a good time estimate from commencement to completion before the project is undertaken.

Turns out being a good citizen and saving Earth also comes with potential profit and fairly simple installation. And with a wealth of technologies in place you no longer need to settle for poor design whilst doing the right thing.