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This part of the building is harder to see from the ground. But without the roofs, a building isn’t complete. Here, we can get to know who roofers are, what is the kind of activity they do and what do you need to pursue to become one.

Who are Roofers? 

One classic quality in this profession is being organised. The roofers layout the tiles and panels for a rooftop. Their work also includes removing and repairing broken tiles and slates. In addition to that cutting and fitting lead flashings around chimney forms an important part of their activity. They also check if the timber of the roof is strong. If it isn’t they would replace them with new timber.

Tools they use 

Their work is very risky as they work at heights and hence they need to be using safety precautions and safety equipments for their use. 

Ladders: This provides easier access to the roofs. For taller buildings it is a different case. Here they would also try to use roof hoists as an aid to lift them to higher positions. 

Hard hats: Working in heights is dangerous and there are a few cases of heavy falls. Hence wearing a hard hat can become a life savior in such kind of falls. 

Soft-toed and steel-toed shoes: They have a really good grip while moving along the roof. Its traction control is dependable and provide a good grip from falling over. 

Electric or cordless drill and assorted drill bits and drivers: They are used to drill holes in concrete and metal surfaces. It can also be sometimes used to install screws and fasteners as required. 

Pop rivet gun: They are used in the attachment of sheet metal work. 

Wheel barrow: Barrows have the ability to collect debris and roof materials during and after a work on the roof. 

Roof hoist: Their mechanical parts help raise or lower equipments and supplies for the rooftop work. 

Bunghole mixer: A distinctive tool used for attaching various types of blades to the drill.

What does it take to become a roofer? 

There are two scenarios in how to become a roofer. The initial and most recommended way is to become a mate with an already established professional in the field. This provides invaluable experience and a first hand knowledge on how to use the tools.

The next phase after completing a course are training and development programmes that allow you to gain on-field experience while learning.

These are: 

Level 2 Diploma in Built-up Felt Roofing 

Level 2/3 Diploma in Roof Slating and Tiling 

Level 2/3 (NVQ) Roofing Occupations 

Level 2/3 (NVQ) Diploma in Mastic Asphalting (Construction) 

Level 2/3 (NVQ) Diploma in Cladding Occupations (Construction)

What types of roofers exist? 

They can be categorized based on the type of roofing work they do. 

Asphalt shingles 

Roofers that specialize in this type can come up with various ideas of being creative. The shingles are durable and relatively inexpensive. They protect the building from a wide variety of temperatures which is their primary purpose. They last for about 20 years and based on the weather conditions, the lifespan may increase or decrease. 

Slate and tile roof shingles 

This type of work includes laying out slates and tiles for the roof. They are fire resistant but they cannot handle extreme mechanical stress and might break. Roofers of this type need to take care that the tiles are replaced in a regular manner 

Metal roofing 

Metals are lightweight, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. They are becoming more in demand these days and roofers working on this type have a better source of income. However, installing it is a very tricky part and the roofer has to be experienced in handling this type of work.

Flat roof 

Roofers doing work with flat roofs have the toughest job among their counterparts. This is due to the heavy maintenance in the flat roof. They must always keep an eye for water leak and clean the debris off from clogging the drain. Also the flat roofs are less resistant to heat and hence need to be frequently replaced. 

Wood shakes and cedar shingles

Roofers who work on this type create ceilings from naturally renewable sources like wood and cedar.

When are they needed? 

They are required in the following scenarios. 

Repair and replacements 

Sometimes the tiles may break or the wood may break or the metal may corrupt. It is at these times, they have to be replaced or repaired, a time when the roofers need to be called for. 


Installing new type of roofs meeting various purposes based on the locality’s climatic conditions is one of the top reason why the roofers are needed. They can put up ceilings in accordance to that.

Why are Roofers needed? 

The few cases where they are needed are 

Risky and dangerous 

Inexperienced people can not handle this as they might end up falling over and hurting fatally. Especially for tall buildings it is advisable to call for a professional who is good at their work. 


Installing and replacing ceilings and roofs are tricky. If done wrong, the ceiling might fall off or might have a crack for leaks into the buildings. This is also why a professional needs to attend this issue.

Where can they be found to hire? 

homify is the company which provide professionals in the construction and architectural field. Or the other option is to enquire about them at the city’s office. They hold records of all artisans and can provide you with their contact and experience details as required.


Before hiring, it is important to evaluate the roofs around for noting down the required repair or replacements to be done on them. But this has to be done with the help of the roofers because it is virtually impossible to scan through the ceiling at its height. The professionals can use ladders and machines to move up and inspect the ceilings themselves.

Interviewing them 

The next step in hiring is interviewing them. The mandate aspect of an interview for skillful professions like these is experience. Without experience, the work will definitely not turn out good as expected. 

Discussing the requirements 

The primary job in working with the professionals, is by discussing the requirements after the evaluation is done. This is done after the hiring is complete and they are good to go to work. 

Laying out the budget and deadline 

Once the requirements are discussed, it is then time to know what are the materials required for the work, the tentative period of finishing it and the cost incurred, which includes the cost for the workers too. However, responsibility is with the workers when they fall off during work. The client shall take no responsibility for any uneventful incident. 

Client follow-up 

Follow up is hard when the work is done on the roof. Still the client have to come over from time and time again to check if things are going well with the work. Else another way of follow up is when clients can have contractors or supervisors who run a team of roofers for these works. Then it is possible to stay in contact with the contractors for the follow up. 


Once all the follow-up and the work is done provided the client feels satisfied with the job, then the client pay the workers the discussed money and close the hiring contract.

Working hours and conditions 

Working hours are normally 40 hours of work. Some of them might even work overtime and in the evenings too. Weekend shifts are more popular as that is the time when the clients are free from work to co-operate with the professionals to discuss the requirements and specifications. 


The income varies between 18000 USD and 20000 USD per year for beginners. With experience this can be increased to 21000 USD to 29000 USD per year. Self employed workers charge their own rate and this is in the hourly basis.

What other professionals can i find? 

Other professionals who are closely related to this profession are Tilers and Plumbers 


For roofers who do the tiling work on the rooftop, tilers can provide various options for them to install. They have an idea on the types of tiles available on the market and which material suits the required purpose. Using this information is quite beneficial for installing, replacing or repairing tiles on the ceiling. 


Roofers can enquire the plumbers on an idea of the pipeline layout on the top. Based on this the installation can be done in accordance to that. There is no point in installing a roof where there has to be a downpipe drain going out. Hence working together with the plumbers is important for this profession.


Though risky and dangerous, this profession can help serve various purposes for a building. Clients can now understand what they require and ask for it from them.

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