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Ever walked into a dilapidated downtown apartment building, only to enter one of the abodes and be blown away by glorious sturdiness and luxury? Or spot scaffolding on a once important, now forgotten structure, only to see it again in six months’ time, returned to its former glory?

Thank restorers and renovators. The silent heroes behind the resurgence of neglected edifices and interiors.

What is a restoration and renovation?

Restorations are the process of returning period homes, interiors or homewares to a similar condition and style, which is representative of their original, intended creation.

Renovations on the other hand, can also involve the process of restoring designs to their origins, but is also a bracket term for the recreation of buildings, dilapidated or otherwise. This could mean turning an 18th century church into modern apartments, or turning a five year old four bedroom house into a three bedroom house with an extra bathroom.

Both of these processes retain the original structure of a building where possible and work with the already established design, as opposed to demolishing and starting again.

Why might I need restorers or renovators?

There are myriad reasons for looking to hire professionals to renovate or restore homely things. You might have recently taken ownership of a period home which has had many a renovation from previous owners – the very thought of which disgusts you – and you wish it to be returned to its original majesty. For this you’d hire a restoration company to come in and fulfil your objectives for the home.

Or, let’s twist this, you have bought a period home, which has remained unchanged for over a century; it’s looking a little worse for wear and you envisage a more contemporary take, mixing the stronger original features of the property with newer contrasting ones. For this you’re more likely to hire a renovation specialist.

Whenever you have a project in mind, there’s no harm in contacting either a renovator or restorer, just to check if they have the skills to take your ideas from just that to a complete redesign.

Where should I look for renovators and restorers?

Look no further than homify. With thousands of professionals within countless fields, all you need is at your fingertips. Click the professionals tab, type your desired trade, enter your zip code and you have a wealth of projects to sift through before choosing the professional which qualifies most with your objectives.

Alternatively, you can open up a discussion. Create a query or topic, write a little description and other professionals will contact you, or users will offer advice that they have found useful in the past. Just click the discussions tab on Homify to get started.

How much do renovations and restorations costs and what length of time should they take?

This is entirely dependant on the type of project you have planned. Be as prepared as possible by ensuring all your questions regarding the work are answered either by yourself or a professional before any work begins. Queries such as:

-What exactly does the project entail?

-Is the professional experienced in similar projects?

-Do they come with recommendations or trade certifications?

-Are they insured?

-Can I get a detailed estimate of project cost and timings before work begins?

You may also have more questions, all of which a truly experienced professional should be able to answer, or point you in the right direction find out for yourself.

If you’re in need of any project renovation or restoration, don’t forget to contact homify professionals. You can view completed project, ask questions or get estimates all in one place.

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