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Ram Paudel Photography
I'm Hamburg based photographer and offer photo shootings in and out of Hamburg. I also interested to work for clients from
neale castelino Photography
Photo Vobi
Photography Services in London: Interior Photography, Property Photography, Architectural Photography, Portrait Photography Photography by André Becker
DG Photography
Fine art photography studio in Porto. We believe a beautiful image adds value to architecture and interior decoration. We
Colin Dutton
I'm a British photographer living in Italy since 2003. Specialised in high-end interior photography my clients are based
FVDB Photography
MK Wedding Photography
MK wedding photography is a recommended photographer in west midlands and Warwickshire. His unique artistic style and affordable
DRONE-EXPERTS Sachverständigenbüro
DRONE-EXPERTS ist Ihr Sachverständigenbüro für jede Art von Drohnendienstleistungen. Wir führen jede Art von Drohnenflügen
Swiss Business Photography
Swiss Business Photography has focused on professional photography in architecture, people, business, events and products
Drone Aerial Footage
Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and explore beyond conventional photography limitations. Take a look at the world
موقع سفر يساعدك في اختيار رحلتك القادمة بشكل سليم, فهو يحتوي على نصائح وإرشادات للمسافر, إضافة إلى ذلك فهو يعرض أمامك أهم
Tourist World Advisor
Travel information to inspire global travelers. From cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions
Buffalo Video Pros
Buffalo Video Pros is a full-service videography company serving Buffalo, NY and surrounding WNY towns! We specialize in
Drone Buffalo
Drone Buffalo proudly serves Buffalo, NY and surrounding WNY towns with our aerial photography and aerial videography services
Sandra gonzalez
Fotógrafa especializada en retrato, interiorismo y foto fija. Me mueven los retos, la naturaleza y la honestidad.
Fotografia wnętrz - Margo
Fotografia wnętrz Gdańsk
Durrant Associates - Hello Photo
What I do, why and how There's nothing I'd rather be doing than making my clients' properties look the very best they can
Roberto Pedi Fotografo
Mi chiamo Roberto Pedi e sono un fotografo professionista della provincia di Udine. lavoro nell'ambito della fotografia


It’s 2017, we’re all photographers now. Your current smartphone has a gazillion pixels and you can capture the imperfections in your friends’ and passers by’s faces that even they didn’t realize they featured. Every photo you take – you and your mom believe – should have its own personal exhibition within MOMA; they’re that groundbreaking.

Now, back to reality. You’ve got a home to sell. You could keep believing in your own abilities as an undiscovered photographic prodigy, laying dormant in wait for that one big moment where your Instagram post receives 35 likes (good for you; that’s the spirit); or, you could hire someone, I don’t know, like an actual professional photographer?

Joking aside, an experienced photographer can capture angles and highlights of your home that no one else could ever see. Laying out your home in pixelated perfection for prospective buyers.

Why might I need a photographer?

There are multiple reasons why you would need a photographer.

If you’re a professional; an architect, designer or property developer, you might need portfolio or sales photographs. There are photographers with all sorts of experience that can help capture your projects precisely to your specifications, or from their own creative license.

If you’re a home owner and looking to sell a property and want to capture it in all its glory to entice more viewings. There are specialized photographers with experience in specifically this.

What should I look for in a photographer?

This depends on your needs. Although photographers may be skilled in general at snapping things, there are some who are more skilled and experiences with certain types of photography. Always be sure to have a list of your own questions that need to be answered regarding your project needs.

General queries might include:

What do I need photographing?

What type of look am I searching for? (black and white? For example)

Does the photographer have previous experience with what I’m searching for?

Are they registered with any association or schools?

Have they earned any awards or do they come with recommendations?

What can they offer that another photographer of a similar price can’t?

Where can I find a photographer?

Homify has a number of professionals from all fields relating to architecture and interiors, including photographers. Simply click the professionals tab, search photographers (or click the pre-designated professional link on the left) and your zip code and a list of results in your area will be generated.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the professionals tab you can also create a topic of discussion once on the discussions tab. Just ask your question (‘does anyone know of any interiors photographers in the Williamsburg area?’ For example) and watch the responses roll in.

How much should I budget for a photographer?

Another question which depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Photographers usually offer packages, with certain inclusions or emissions compared to other packages, and generally offer custom packages too. Depending on the photographer and their experience, it could cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars for a day to well into the thousands for ongoing work.

Try to assimilate which package best suits your needs, and select. If none suit you, enquire about custom packages and whether what you want can be achieved with that particular professional, and then at what cost it would come to.

As we’ve concluded, it is sometimes best to leave the proper jobs to the professionals. So get yourself on homify and find yourself the right photographer for your project. But don’t let this stop you dreaming of being Insta-famous too! Keep posting your photos and you’ll get there one day.