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Painters re available for more than just covering a room’s walls in a certain color – they’re there to give life to the projects you could only envisage, and sometimes not even envisage as well as the end product you receive. Whether you imagine a textured wall, bold, dividing blocks across ceilings and floors, murals; the list is almost endless and there’s a painter, ready and willing to make your decorative dreams a reality.

What types of painter are there and why might I hire one?

There are now a multitude of different painters and decorators with otherworldly skills with a roller. If you’re a busy bee and can’t find the time yourself and are simply looking for someone to do a very good job for a very good price with simple one wall or full room painting, you need look no further than your trusty local decorator(s).

For more decorative and intricate projects you might have to broaden your search and splash a bit more cash.

Where can I find a painter and what should I look for?

If you’re looking for a trusty and efficient painter and decorator, your best bet is either a local directory or social media search/shoutout. Websites such as homify are also a good option, but beware of potential cowboys! For more custom and complex commissions, you may need a more qualified and specialist decorator, a muralist or fine art painter.

Here at homify we have myriad professionals with specialities ranging from the broad to the super-specific, simply type in your zip code and the type of professional you’re looking for and then just scroll through different projects that each has completed to find the right person for your needs.

Before letting any old painter waltz though your front door, answer these questions:

- What am I looking for? 

- Are the professionals recommended by trustworthy sources (people you trust, internet ratings or publication reviews) 

- Are they insured? You don’t want to be forking out extra for a botched job when they also paint your carpets and skirting boards

- Are they registered with any boards or alliances? 

- Have they got experience with a similar project to yours? 

- Can I do any preparatory work to make the process smoother and cheaper?

How should I budget for a painter and how long will my project take?

This depends on the type of work you are seeking, with most decorators estimating the cost by how many days the job will take. If there are more expensive materials required or a particularly difficult request the cost will be more than if simple and easy to obtain materials are needed.

When should I pay for the work?

If the project should take just a few days, you ought to be paying for it upon its completion. If the project will take a week or longer, the decorator may ask for cash instalments, or if particularly difficult to acquire or expensive materials are needed, you may be asked to cover the cost of those too, but all of this should be agreed before the decorator begins any work on your property.

So, now you’re armed with all of this information, what’s stopping you getting that dream wall painting or ceiling pattern that came to you in that dream that one time? Nothing, is the answer you’re looking for.