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If you’re hoping to give your home a facelift, there is nothing better than a lick of paint to change the entire atmosphere. Whether you intend on painting your walls, or using wall coverings, the best option is to hire a professional who can help you out. In this text you will learn all about who is the right person to paint your walls.

What are painters?

An average working day for your painter or decorator is to begin working early in the morning and continue throughout the day working on the entirety of a home or project. Whether this is a domestic residence or a company entirely depends on the work the professional takes on. If the space they need to paint or cover is large, then they may work in a group to get the work finished on time. There are no professional qualifications required in order to become a painter and decorator. It is possible to do a course in which skills are taught, however, most people find that learning on the job is ideal for them. This way practical experience can be had every day.

There are many different tools which a painter uses, ranging from the obvious to the more obscure. These include:

Paint Brush

This is a very obvious tool used by a painter and decorator. It can be a huge help when painting, but it is not the be all and end all of tools.

Drop Cloth

This is also an obvious tool which you will see a lot if you are having your home repainted. It can save your furniture and floors from paint splashes and is definitely an essential tool.

Step Ladder

In order to reach all the high areas in your rooms, this tool is one which can come in handy. A painter and decorator is very likely to have their own step ladder.

Paint Tray

This tool is the perfect place to store paint in order to go back and use it constantly. Your painter and decorator is likely to have one which is professional grade and can carry a lot of paint.

Paint Roller and Refills

A roller can make a huge impact on the amount of work it takes to cover a wall. This can cut the job time down by a lot which has huge benefits for both the professional and you too.

What Type of Painters and Decorators Exist?

There are many different types of painters and decorators. However, you are likely to find that if you are working with a painter, then they may be able to help you out with the look of your home in no time, whether this is on the exterior or interior.

1. Exterior Wall Coating Professionals 

If you are intending on painting the outside of your home, then a good idea is to hire someone who is right for you. They will be able to make many changes to the look of your home and can do it quickly. They will also have all of the gear which is needed such as a large ladder and brushes which are right for painting outdoors.

2. Interior Wall Painter 

A interior wall painter is the perfect person to work on your home and give it a completely new look by changing the colour of your walls. Your job is to work on the design and colours you want included in your home. If you find that you are having trouble with this then you could simply speak to designer. You can easily find the perfect professional to help you on homify.

3. Designers 

A designer can easily help you with your needs when it comes to the colours than you want for your home. They can even find a painter who also works well for you.

4. DIY painters 

You are likely to find that you can do the work of a painter yourself. However, this is not recommended as your professional is someone who can make the process a lot less painful. They can do this through saving you a lot of time and effort. You are also very likely to find that a painter is not likely to charge you a lot of money either. By working with a painter, you can decide together the method of pay – this can either be hourly or for the entire project. If you find that the rate of your professional is too expensive, then do not be put off looking for someone else.

When Exactly Do I need a Painter?

As soon as you have decided on the colours or wall colouring you want in your home, you should begin looking for a painter to hire. Depending on the size of your house, you may find that you require their services for a long time, which can cost you quite a bit extra. However, if you hire a team of painters, this work can be drastically reduced.

You are very likely to find that as soon as you have hired a painter, the work, whether it is painting or wall covering, can be done in absolutely no time at all.

Where can I find a perfect Painters and decorators?

There is only one place which is worth searching for professionals – homify. Using this platform, you will be able to search and hire the perfect person to decorate your home. Homify incorporates Facebook pages, reviews and contact information all into one place. You won’t even need to go anywhere else to check out your professional’s portfolio. In absolutely no time at all you will be able to find someone who is right for you and begin speaking to them about their rates and experience. Before you reach out to any professionals, make sure to consider exactly what it is you require to give them a clear picture, resulting in an accurate quote for the work you need doing.


A painter works in a similar way throughout their process whether they are working indoors or outdoors.

First, they will clean the area which they intend on working on. They will then apply strips around the perimeter of the room to cut into the paint job. The ceiling is always the first to be painted—this will be rolled. From here, your painter will be able to go over every wall in the room and create a beautiful finish. They may also apply several coats. This work should not take them too long, meaning it should not be too expensive either.


Overall, finding a professional painter or decorator in your area should not be difficult. Their work is not likely to be expensive and in absolutely no time at all, you will have a home which reflects your tastes and is perfect for you and your family.

What Other Professionals Do I Need?


If you have recently built your home, then a tiler is the perfect person to add the finishing touches to your kitchen or bathroom. They are able to create a look which is either modern or something more eclectic in absolutely no time. A tiler, like a painter, is also likely to have learnt all of the tricks of the trade on the job.


A gardener is someone who is indispensable if your home has a large garden and you do not have a green thumb. Your gardener is the one person who can very easily turn a jungle into a pruned and beautiful back garden which you and your family enjoy spending long summer evenings in. Their work is unlikely to be too expensive, depending on who you hire. Check out your many options on homify.


A designer is someone who can help you see your vision for your home more clearly. With their guideance, they can create a beautiful plan for both the interiors and exteriors of your house. You will find that there are hundreds of varieties of designer, from interior designer, to material designer. So make sure you do your research and hire the right person for you.