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Online shopping is a phenomenal industry, rapidly growing year on year. The convenience of simply going on your favorite website, clicking the products you want and having them delivered to your door rather than heading out to the high street, or even driving to other cities in order to find products is one of the main selling points.

You can literally buy any product online these days, which is never more true than when applied to the home and interiors market. From furniture to contractors, the options for products and services are limitless.

How do I shop online?

With a growing number of retailers taking their products to the online marketplace, there are near countless ways to buy online. Usually, it involves heading to a company’s website which you are looking to buy from and picking out products to add to your ‘basket’, and then checking out online. As well as company websites there are also intermediary marketplaces where you can either buy previously owned products from other site users, or go through licensed sellers to buy official products.

What are the benefits of shopping online?

The main benefit is convenience. You can order products online on your lunch break at work, or at your home computer, all from the comfort of a nice chair, rather than lugging your car, kids and body around a shopping mall or city center. Another main benefit of online shopping as opposed to traditional shopping is that you can compare prices of similar products much easier, as a simple search for the product name or type will bring up numerous results.

Furthermore, it’s becoming more and more common to also find reviews linked to products on online marketplaces, from users who have either bought the specific product or have bought from the seller before, this provides a more bipartisan shopping experience than simply walking into a shop and only having a sales assistant (whose job it is to sell you things) offer you advice.

Isn’t it dangerous to share my banking details or address online?

Depending on where you share them, it can be either dangerous or very secure. Any website which requires the use of your bank details should comply with data protection rules, this includes having designated and secure web pages for payment details or addresses. Secure webpages will begin with ‘https//:’, which is different from simply ‘http://’.

Where can I find products or services for the home?

Online marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon offer extensive choice when it comes to products, with millions of listings between the two sites. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific product you can try the manufacturer’s website.

For both products and services combined homify also has you covered, with products for sale, including a now trending section, and thousands of registered professionals to contact, you can browse all day without ever leaving the one site.

Online shopping is getting easier and safer and more popular than ever, with everything you could possibly need, ordered from and delivered to the comfort of your own home. With the ability to compare products and prices and analyse user reviews, your satisfaction with products has never been more simple to predict. What’s more, for the homes industry you can do all of this in one place: homify.

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