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You’re moving home and you have suddenly realized all of the stuff you’ve accumulated is ten times as much as what will fit in your family sedan. Ten trips to and from your new place? Nah. It’s time to call the moving company.

Excellent solution, and a seemingly simple one, but which company should you pick?

What types of moving company are there?

There are two requirements to consider when looking at the type of mover to suit your requirements; distance, which is obviously how far you are moving from your old home to new, and service, which outlines the amount of work you either wish the mover or yourself as the client to do.

Distance options include:

Small local move and local move – this type of move generally consists of going from home to home within state lines, or within fifty to one hundred miles. The separating feature of a local and small local move is that small local moves involve a cargo of less than 2,000 pounds.

Long-distance move – your move is considered long-distance when you move more than one hundred miles but stay within state lines.

Interstate move – as the name suggests, interstate moves are when you’re relocating to another state, despite the distance away the destination state is.

International move – again, as the name gives away, this type of move is when you cross between country borders.

Service options include:

Full service: full service allows you to move your belongings from home to home without lifting or packing anything yourself. Meaning the movers themselves do all of the packing, lifting, driving unloading and packing for you for the whole trip.

Self-service: self-service means you pack and unpack your furnishings. The movers will simply load, drive and unload the delivery.

Specialist: for more sensitive or expensive moving, such as art collections or antiques, hire a specialist. Differing from standard removal companies in the extra effort and understanding when caring for fragile pieces.

What should I look for in a moving company?

As with hiring any professional, you need to get answers to some important questions:

What requirements do I have for the move?

Is the company well recommended and reviewed?

Are they insured? 

Do I need to do anything to make the move as smooth as possible?

Where can I find moving companies?

Local directories are a good place to start, with multiple choices of movers to compare and contrast. Online ratings sites such as forums are perfect for finding movers. With choices, reviews and quotes to help you pick the right company for your move. Or why not start a discussion on homify? You’ll receive advice from experts and other users who may have experience of exactly the type of move you’re looking to undertake.

How much does it cost to hire a moving company? 

The cost of your move depends on a combination of the earlier explained types of move you are looking to go. If you’re just making a small local move, your fee is likely to be far far smaller than if you’re taking a specialized option on an international move. Get an estimate from the company prior to your move, or check the company website as they may already have fairly rigid brackets of how much a type of move costs.

Now you’re armed with information on how to get the most out of your moving company, you can transition from your old home to your new with minimal fuss or effort (well, as much effort as you wish).