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Lighting is not only necessary in a room but it can make or break the aesthetics of a space. It can truly transform a room into a comfortable, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. A lighting professional knows how to make the best use of light to be both functional and appealing. They also make sure the lighting is both cost effective and energy efficient. Lighting is much more than placing a lamp here and there. A well trained lighting professional will take a space from ordinary to extraordinary with a few strategic touches. Be sure not to overlook this crucial component to any spectacular space. Hire a lighting professional and you will not be disappointed!

What is a Lighting Professional?

A lighting professional can really transform a space in ways that were unimaginable. They are true craftsman. These professionals create the lighting concept of a space, for example a new building or renovated room. They then figure out how this concept can be implemented. On working days a professional will access the project at hand, talk and collaborate with the client about the client needs, wants and goals. They then create the lighting plan best suited to highlight the space and work towards implementing it.

To become a lighting professional, one typically has an undergraduate degree in one of several fields. They can study building science, architectural lighting, architectural engineering, architecture or interior design. They need to understand lighting concepts such as energy and cost efficient lighting. They also must have technical skills to work with 3D modeling, and programs such as AutoCAD desktop publishing software and lighting simulations. After schooling they will typically enter an internship or apprenticeship to gain real world experience.

What Type of Lighting Professionals Exist?

There are two major types of lighting professionals. These include:

Interior/Exterior lighting professional

As discussed above, these professionals work in the interior, architectural and landscape fields to create lighting that is high in function and design. They create the lighting concept for a project and then execute that plan. These lighting professionals typically work independently or as part of an architectural or engineering firm.

Lighting professional in the arts

This type of professional works exclusively in film, TV or theater. They create lighting design that will properly show the actors and the setting, illuminating the proper elements of production at the right time. Typically they do not manage the lightings during a show, they just design the lights and then create a cue sheet for an electrician to follow. These professionals work independently or part of a theater group.

Lighting professionals are necessary because they can achieve long lasting, environmentally friendly, and cost effective results. They know how lighting will play against different surfaces and corners/spaces in a room. They also know how to budget for a project and so can help a client get closer to their wildest dreams, even if those once seemed far-fetched.

The cost to hire a lighting professional will vary depending on location and professional. However, these professionals typically get paid in two different payment options:

Per hour

A lighting professional could get paid per hour for the amount of time they worked on a project. This fee can range from 75 to 150 euros an hour.

Cost plus

Another payment option is the fixed fee option which is known as “cost plus” where the professional purchase the materials and sells them to the client at an added percentage, from which the professional takes their fee. This mark up is typically around 20%.

When exactly do I need a Lighting Professional?

If you are in the beginning stages of planning or redoing the lighting in your home or space, then that is the perfect time to hire a lighting professional. This is the best way to ensure the lighting in your space is done efficiently. At this early stage, a lighting professional can save you time and money by bringing their expertise and skills to the project.

You would hire a lighting professional at the beginning of your project so they can access the project and come up with a plan. This could take just a few days or even weeks.

Why do I Really Need a Lighting Professional?

There are several reasons to hire a lighting professional. Lighting a space goes beyond choosing a bulb or a lampshade. With the correct lighting, a space can really pop. Similarly, with the correct lighting money and energy can be saved.

A top reason to hire a professional is a lighting professional has a vast knowledge of different types of lighting technology that are top of the line, best for every budget and cost effective. These professionals also bring their skills to the table. The average person probably isn’t well versed in the different aspects of lighting. But a professional is! The professional has received education on optics, electricity, environmental issues, design and more.

Lastly, a professional will save you money! They truly know the best way to create the lighting effect you want at the lowest cost, that’s their expertise! A professional will also keep you from making costly mistakes.

Where Can I Find the Perfect Lighting Professional?

Now that you know how amazing a lighting professional can be for your project and space, you must be wondering where to even begin finding one! Homify is the perfect platform to begin your search. On homify’s website you can easily browse through lighting professionals based on location and even design style. Each professional will have samples of past work for you to look at and get ideas. And homify makes it simple to contact your favorite professional.


Still wondering how a lighting professional can help your project? Let’s say that you are looking to redo the lighting in your home living room. You’re not really sure where to begin but you know you want the lighting to reflect the romantic style of the space. And thanks to homify, you have found your perfect professional.


The lighting professional has a consultation with the client to discuss ideas, goals and concerns.

Master plan

Next, the professional comes up with the lighting design and plan.


You, the client, have decided you want ambient lighting with chandeliers and recessed lighting in the living room. The contract is then created. This professional is charging cost plus, at 1200 euro for everything.

Fun begins

The lights are ordered and installed.

The finale

After a few days of work, the project is complete. The living room looks like an entire new space with the gorgeous chandelier from Italy that is also an energy saver! You couldn’t be more pleased!


Lighting isn’t just there for us to see, it is created for mood, efficiency and décor value. Don’t cut corners, hire a lighting professional to really set the tone of your space.

What Other Professionals do I Need?

There are a few other professionals you may need for your project:

Interior Designer

Designs the room/space that the lighting professional will work in.


A professional in all wiring and all things electric, this person will actually install the lighting.

Interior architect

Designs the foundation of the rooms of the interior that the lighting professional will work in.