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So, your awareness of interior designers is probably at a lofty peak, as might be your knowledge of landscapers, but interior landscape designers, what on Earth is this? Well, simply mash the two you are aware about together, and you have an altogether newfound knowledge base!

What is an interior landscape designer?

Interior landscaping designers practice the curating and designing of living plants in homes and other indoor environments. Although not exactly identical to landscaping exteriors, as no land is actually reshaped, the name is an appropriate representation as interiors contain various features that can be softened, highlighted or transformed by the inclusion of plants and planters, therefore landscaping the space provided. As with general landscapes, interior landscaping provides designated areas with decoration, sculptures and ornaments, color schemes and attention grabbing features, to create a certain environment.

Why might I need an interior landscape designer?

If you’re like many and have no idea of the difference between a fern and fungi, these professionals can offer insight and implementation which can breathe new life into your living spaces – quite literally, as many plants are amazing at cleaning the air around you for purer breathing. Even if you’re the equivalent of a floral encyclopedia, you may not feel comfortable with arranging and harmonizing specific plants within the home, which interior landscape designers absolutely specialise in.

What should I look for in an interior landscape designer?

As with any professional, have some questions at hand to either be answered by yourself or by the landscaper:

What exactly am I looking for?

Does the designer come with recommendations?

Are they insured?

Are the members of any trade associations of federations?

Can I do any preparatory work to make the process more efficient?

Where can I find an interior landscape designer?

Here at homify we have thousands of professionals registered with us, including interior landscape designers. You can simply search for the type of professional services you require and type in your zip code. You will then find a list of related tradespeople, alongside images of completed projects for your viewing pleasure. Then you can simply contact the professional that suits your needs most closely.

How much should I budget and how long will my project take?

As with most home projects which require a professional to make changes to your living space, project costing and time estimates depend on the individual project, how long it will take; the types of materials require; the professional’s own experience compared to others’. In this case, if your project will take a month as opposed to a week, of course it will cost quite a bit more. If you’re in need of particularly exotic soils or plants, perhaps this may incur an extra charge. There are many different factors.

When should I part with my money?

This should always be agreed upon before any project commences, with all estimates drawn up and approved by you, the client. Depending on your project’s estimated time, your interior landscape designer may require you to offer payments in instalments whilst work is underway, or simply ask for the complete and full amount once the landscaping is completed to your satisfaction.

So to recap, an interior landscape designer is responsible for transforming homes and other insides spaces using horticultural and ornamental features, similar to the remit of a garden landscaper. If you are in need of an interior landscape designer’s services, prepare yourself as well as you can with research and a fairly strong idea of what it is you want to achieve, and then find the perfect professional here on homify.