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A Jardíssimo®, fundada em 2003, é uma das empresas especialistas em jardinagem e paisagismo mais prestigiadas do Algarve
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Somos una empresa dedicada al diseño, planificacion y conservacion de areas verdes utilizando la naturaleza como herramienta
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Having an outdoor area to enjoy and lounge in is desired by many. There are so many designs and layouts a yard or outdoor space can have, its important to hire a landscape architect to create the oasis of your dreams. A professional can help you create a space that is beautiful and functional, the perfect area for friends and family to enjoy. 

What is a Landscape Architect? 

A landscape architect designs outdoor spaces for personal and commercial use They work with the client vision, adding their own expert opinions and suggestions. Often they consult with surveyors and engineers to plan the most efficient layout of landscapes.   

A landscape architect will use a variety of tools to get their job done. These include: 

Digital cameras and video cameras 

Perfect to record images of the terrain. 

Graphic programs 

After the concept is decided upon, the professional must put it in a form others can use and understand. A computer aided program is used to render the design. 

Modeling tools 

Sometimes a miniature model of the design is needed and the professional may use clay or wood to create a realistic model. 

On a working day a landscape designer will draw plans, select plants and install structures such as a stone walkway or even a man made lake. 

To become a landscape architect, many aspiring professionals study geography, science, horticulture, mathematics or engineering at the collegiate level. Some schools specifically have a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. It is important for a professional to have a strong grasp of technology as this is highly utilized in the field. Many programs will have classes in video simulation, graphic information systems and computer aided design. This is important as landscape architects use these programs to create their plans and build 3D models. 

What Type of Landscape Architects Exist? 

The types of landscape designers that exist depend on their professional focus. 

Independent architects 

This professional owns their own business and works alone or will hire their own employees. The handle all aspects of the project, spending their time doing paperwork, book keeping, marketing and creating design plans. 

Design firms 

This professional will work for a larger landscape architecture firm. They often assist senior architects working on an aspect of a larger design, for example in a public space. 

Government organization 

A landscape architect working for a government organization could assist in planning parks and recreation areas, as well as spaces near government buildings and other public spaces. 

Plant nurseries 

A landscape architect working in this field will often create sketches for customers and work on large designs and installation jobs for clients of the nursery. They will suggest plants, and irrigation systems as well. 

Residential architect 

This professional will plan landscape areas for residential clients. 

The cost to hire a landscape architect will depend on location and the scope of job being done. There are two major ways this professional will charge for their services. 

Per hour 

For smaller or simple projects, a professional will charge per hour. This charge can be 100 to 200 euros an hour. 

Cost plus 

This is another popular way a professional will charge for their services. They will charge a lump sum, for example, 6,000 euros for a major project, including materials. This number includes a mark up, typically of 20%. This is where the professional is paid. 

When Exactly Do I Need a Landscape Architect? 

When you have decided to create a beautiful outdoor oasis is the perfect time to hire a landscape architect. It is best to hire the professional at the beginning, when there is nothing but raw and untouched space. Also a professional can re-design an existing outdoor space, in which it is best to hire them at the beginning right when you have decided to redo your outdoor area so that time nor money is wasted. They know the best and most economical ways to make a client’s dreams come true. They know the proper placements of trees and shrubs. Proper placement actually can lower energy bills, thus saving the client money in the long run. A professional knows where to properly place a man made lake or bridge that is functional and high in design. 

Hire the professional for the duration of the project. In the beginning they will consult with you to draw up feasible plans. They will then see the project into implementation, ensuring that the client is satisfied throughout each step of the project. 

Why do I Really Need a Landscape Architect? 

It may sound like an easy job if you think that landscape architecture is just planting a flower or tree here and there. But it involves so much more! A professional must have a deep understanding of all types of outdoor materials, down to the soil. It is a very technical career path as they must have the ability to analyze problems in design and be able to translate a design into something feasible. 

A landscape architect will know how to design a low maintenance garden. Not everyone has the time or ability to manage a garden or outdoor space. A professional knows how to design the perfect outdoor space that fits everyone’s needs, from those who just want a beautiful low maintenance space to those who have a green thumb. 

Where Can I Find the Perfect Landscape Architect? 

Now that you know you need a professional landscape architect to bring your garden and outdoor dreams to life, its now time to find one. Homify has made it really easy to search and browse for the perfect landscape architect. The website smoothly organizes professionals by location and even style, so that you can browse past professional’s works and even get inspired for your own garden project. When you have found a professional you are interested in, homify makes it simple to contact them. You’re just one click away from hiring the perfect landscape architect! 


Still wondering how to work with a landscape architect? It’s quite simple! Let’s say you want to do work on your private home outdoor space. 


First, a consultation happens between the client and the professional.  The professional looks around the outdoor space, takes pictures, and sits down with you to discuss your vision, wants and needs. The professional will also offer their own suggestions. Let’s say that you want to re-design your outdoor space from the ground up. The professional will talk you through the best and most economical ways to do so.


After the consultation, the professional will come up with a design for your vision. The professional will use a computer program to come up with renderings that clearly illustrate your vision. After you approve these designs, a contract is signed. This professional is charging a cost plus fee, of 6000 euros for the project. 

Fun begins 

A small bridge is built over a man made lake, a partition is made with bamboo, and Japanese themed plants are ordered and planted. 


After a few days of work, your dream outdoor space is finished. 


An outdoor space can truly bring a home or public area to life. Hiring a professional will add value and beauty to a garden, creating a magical space. 

What Other Professionals Do I Need? 

Other professionals you may need for your project include: 

Garden and Landscape Supplier

This professional has the actual materials that the designer will use for the project. 

Landscape designer

This professional often works with the architect to design the space that the architect created. 

Fencing and Gates professional

This professional is skilled at creating and installing fences and gates of all types.

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