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Specializing in older homes that need design solutions for Kitchens, Bathrooms, any room that needs re-inventing to fit
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Personal & honest advice for your customized kitchenMaking a well-considered choice for your kitchen is very important. 
In business since 1994, brooksBerry & Associates has established a reputation for designing and building award-winning projects
Kellyvision Kitchens and Bedrooms
Beautiful bespoke kitchen design. From traditional kitchen styles to modern designs. Our team of experts will help you design
Studio Design LLC
Studio Design LLC offers full scale remodeling and new construction planning, finish selections and installation services
Kitchen Krafter Design/Remodel Showroom
Kitchen Krafter Kitchen & BathDesign/Remodel ShowroomKitchen & Bath Cabinetry and complete remodeling services, designed
Main Line Kitchen Design
The Main Line Kitchen Design business model enables us to give our customer’s better designs, and better made cabinetry
We generate spaces attending function, form and technology, that is, we pay attention to your activities inside and outside
Spitzhüttl Home Company
Spitzhüttl Home Company in Neubrunn bei Würzburg ist ein familiengeführtes Möbelhaus. Mit unserer jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung
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A empresa ADN Furniture esboça, desenha em 3d e produz mobiliário por medida. A empresa conta com uma equipa de design de
Toren Cocinas
Somos una empresa conformada de un equipo de personas, que de manera conjunta diseñamos y estructuramos espacios funcionales
Desenho Branco
A Desenho Branco desenvolve projectos de Design e é especialista nos ambientes de cozinha. O trabalho que desenvolve destina-se
DIONI Home Design
A DIONI Home Design está no Av.João XXI 12  em Lisboa para o ajudar a concretizar o seu espaço de sonho. Com o nosso know
Casa Interior
We deliberately want to make a difference in the kitchen industry centered on you and your family – That is our aim and
Specializzati in soluzioni di arredo salvaspazio e nella creazione di cucine moderne di piccole dimensioni anche
Alfa Forni
Turning a traditional tool like an oven into a designer object acclaimed all over the world as a standard-bearer for “Made
Kouch & Boulé
Empresa especializada en Reformas Integrales y Parciales y en el Mobiliario de Cocina Alemán de alta calidad.
Inicio Diseñadores de cocinas y reformas integrales en Madrid desde 1994  Somos una empresa con un equipo profesional que
Be One Mobiliario
Somos una empresa mexicana enfocada en la creación y rediseño de espacios para vivir o trabajar. Somos fabricantes de mobiliario
Fabricación y exposición propia de cocinas. Estudio de cocinas con más de 25 años de experiencia. Mobiliario de cocinas

The kitchen is the most important room of a home. It is a space where families and friends gather to eat and spend time together. It is a room where recipes are shared and passed down from one generation to the next. And it is a place where you can make yourself a cup of tea after a long day of work. The kitchen is often said to be the selling point of any home, so it is important to have a kitchen that is updated, functional, and reflects the style of the owner. A kitchen planner can help your kitchen reach its maximum potential. Don’t overlook this very important room, hire a kitchen planner to ensure your kitchen is your favorite room of your home! 

What is a Kitchen Planner? 

A kitchen planner plans and installs  all aspects of a kitchen. This professional will consult with the client to discuss client needs and wants, create the design plans, and from that will develop a budget and timeline for the project. Before work begins they will present recommendations based off the consultation. Some of the details of the kitchen a professional will help you choose include 

Color palette 



Window treatments 



The professional will work with contractors who will implement the plans and ensure safety standards and make sure local building codes are met. 

To become a kitchen planner one usually studies interior design at the collegiate level. These programs typically have a specialization one can choose on kitchen design. Courses for this type of program can include color theory, interior lighting, and design fundamentals. 

After studies are complete, an aspiring professional can begin their career as an assistant to a more established professional. Another option is to work at showrooms or design centers. Depending on location, there are certificates and licenses required to become a kitchen planner. An example certificate is the Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer certificate which takes two years of qualifying work. 

What Type of Kitchen Planners Exist? 

The types of existing kitchen planners will vary according to their specialty. These include: 

Feng Shui 

Use the principles of Feng Shui to get the energy flowing and create balance in an environment. 

Green design

An expert in planning kitchens using products and methods that are environmentally friendly. 

Asian design 

A professional skilled at bringing the Japanese and Asian interior design to clients in any geographic location. 

Modern design 

An expert skilled in incorporating a sleek, modern look for a kitchen. 


Works with clients developing and planning their personal kitchens. 


Plans functional kitchens for restaurant use. 

The cost to hire a kitchen planner will vary greatly on the project and the professional as well as location.

An industry standard for beginning to end kitchen design consultation is 10% of the total project cost. So if the new kitchen costs 20,000 euros, the planning fee would be 2,000 euros. 

The planner may also charge by the hour, which could range from 100-200 euros again depending on several factors such as location and experience. 

When Exactly Do I Need a Kitchen Planner? 

If your kitchen project  involves a lot of work and will cost more than 1,000 euros, it’s a good idea to hire a professional. For larger scale projects, a professional is helpful to avoid costly mistakes. They know how best to reach optimal design and function in the most economical way. Additional, they can bring ideas to the table you never thought of but now can’t live without! 

Why Do I Really Need a Kitchen Planner? 

Hiring a professional will save you time and money. Planning the kitchen, such an important room, takes a lot of skill and experience and should be done by a professional to ensure function and safety. A professional will have your best interests at heart and come up with the best design plans. They will also come with their own connections to complete the project. You won’t be responsible for finding and hiring contractors, vendors, scheduling deliveries or dealing with other issues that may come up during the process. All the headache is left for the professional! 

Your professional will also make sure you are getting the best products for your money. They will ensure that you are using the best materials that are long lasting and won’t require much upkeep. They will also help sort through your ideas and goals and come up with a plan of action and execution. Knowing your budget, they will keep this in mind and help you stay within it, perhaps even going under budget with the knowledge of vendors and materials that they have. They know where to splurge, for example, perhaps the countertops and appliances, and where to hold back on. 

Where Can I Find the Perfect Kitchen Planner? 

Now that you know you need a professional kitchen planner to bring your kitchen dreams to life, its now time to find one. Homify has made it really easy to search and browse for the perfect professional. The website smoothly organizes professionals by location and even style, so that you can browse past professional’s works and even get inspired for your own  project. When you have found a professional you are interested in, homify makes it simple to contact them. You’re just one click away from hiring the perfect kitchen planner! 


Still not sure how to work with a  kitchen planner? 

It’s easy! Let’s say you are completely re-planning your kitchen. Consultation After you have chosen your perfect professional, you will schedule a consultation. The professional will access your space. You will go over your ideas with them, lets say you want a modern minimalist kitchen. They will go over every aspect of it, for example, you have chosen sleek white cabinets, marble countertop, and recess lighting.


After the consultation, the kitchen cost is going to be 30,000 euros. The planner will charge by the hour, 100 euros for their services. 

Work begins 

The planner hires contractors and starts shopping for and ordering products. From beginning to end the kitchen takes two months to complete. 

Finished product 

Your new kitchen is better than you could have imagined, totally transforming your home. The professional even helped you come under budget, with a total price tag for your kitchen being 26,000 euros. 


With the kitchen being the most important room of a home, make sure to do it right. A professional will save time and money while adding value to your home. Hire a professional to make a kitchen reach its fullest potential. 

What Other Professionals Do I Need? 

Now that you are all set with your kitchen planner, here are some other professionals you may need:

Interior designer 

This professional creates the design plans for the entire home interior. Not only re-plan your kitchen, but next tackle the bathroom and master bedroom as well with the help of an interior designer! 


Make sure there are no problems with the ever so important electricity and hire a professional! They would make sure lighting, dishwashers, and refrigerators, for example, are able to run efficiently. 


This professional makes sure the plumbing is squared away- for example the sink, would require a plumber.

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