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You simply can’t beat a nice new kitchen. Those shiny surfaces of marble, or stainless steel; or those new oak cupboards and drawers; that greaseless stove! Ah! Just makes you want to get your inner Nigela on.

So, you’ve got ideas in your mind’s eye, but how do you turn those into a tangible, functional kitchen? A kitchen manufacturer, duh. But what do you need to know, before you go off and spend half of your life savings on the pearl in the oyster shell that is your home?

Here’s some answers to some of the queries you may have:

Can I pick from stock kitchens?

Maybe, just maybe, you didn’t go to college for half a decade, then work as an intern for another half a decade for ‘experience’ to become an interior designer.

If, like 99% of the planet, this describes you fairly perfectly, you probably don’t feel comfortable designing your own kitchen from scratch. Maybe you’ve got a wealth of ideas, but no way of actually putting them down in any coherent form for someone else to actually understand.

Luckily, kitchen manufacturers are pretty aware of this fact. offering a number of blueprint and stock kitchens to choose from, with differing numbers of cupboards, shelves and other storage facilities; islands, breakfast bars, and crevices for appliances, to suit all manner of kitchen size.

Can I create my own custom kitchen?

There are many manufacturers (particularly more establishes ones), that offer the option to create your own virtual custom kitchen online using their preset fittings. Other manufacturers may also offer you the opportunity to design your own kitchen, with the help of their consultants and designers or if you have your own comprehensible design for their manufacturers to work with.

It’s best to get in contact with a few and see what their options are regarding custom works.

Where can I find kitchen manufacturers?

The internet is full of wonderful options for, if you’ve got the time to scrawl through and drop in and out of websites to review each choice. If you want a stress free option for searching for your dream kitchen manufacturer, however, then look no further than homify. With thousands of registered professionals, homify is a one-stop shop for all your home and interior needs. There’s even a specific professionals tab for you to search for manufacturers operating within your area, your results will come with images of completed projects and you’ll be able to contact the manufacturer directly. Easy.

Will they fit the kitchen for me?

Manufacturers should offer fitting as standard with all kitchens and the price of which should be included in the cost.

Your dream kitchen is only a search away from becoming a reality. Utilize homify’s extensive list of registered professionals to get all of your questions and worries cleared up. Browse portfolios of manufacturers in your local area and choose the one which suits your needs the most. Why delay, start planning your perfect kitchen today.