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Have you always dreamed of having a bathroom with Mediterranean influence? What about a cosy bedroom, with country flair? An interior designer and decorator can help anyone achieve their goals for their dream space. With so many styles to choose from, and so many textiles, furnishings, even wall paint that can really make a space amazing, hiring a professional is a perfect idea. While you gather your ideas for your ideal space, take a look at the professionals featured on homify’s website to really get those creative juices flowing! 

What is an interior designer and decorator? 

An Interior designer creates a functional, and beautiful space that fits the needs of the particular client.  These professionals are trained in space planning that include knowledge of: 

1. Smoke, toxicity and fire rating classifications and materials 

2. Space planning for both public and private spaces 

3. Standards for the needs of the disabled or elderly or other special needs persons 

4. Lighting quality and sound transmissions 

On working days, an interior designer will provide consulting services to determine the client's wants and needs, generate ideas for the project, create renderings based on the consultation, organizing and arranging the space based on the plan, monitoring the installation of the design, and shop for and purchase specific furnishings, materials and décor. They are also knowledgeable about specific plumbing and electrical components that affect the client's project. 

An Interior decorator works only with surface decoration. They will work with paint, fabrics, lighting, furniture and other textiles. They are primarily concerned with the aesthetics of a space. This role does not require as rigorous training and knowledge as an interior designer, for example a decorator does not need to be up to date with standards for special needs groups. A decorator does not design, instead they work to create a beautiful space.  In their daily work they will talk with the client about their vision and show them samples of how they can bring their vision to life. A person in this role will also shop for and purchase the décor that was discussed in the consultation. Unlike an interior designer, this professional does not handle the plumbing and electrical components of a space. No formal training is necessary to become an interior decorator, one just needs a good eye for style! 

What Types of Interior Designers and Decorators Exist? 

There are several different types of Interior designers and decorators. This includes: 


Designs efficient work spaces that portray the right image for the given company. 

Feng Shui

Uses the principles of Feng Shui to create balance in the space. 


Experts in designing and creating spaces that use environmentally friendly products. 


Creates spaces for the hotel industry. 


Caters to private clients to improve the function of their living space, while reflecting the client’s style and personality. 


Develops spaces for the restaurant industry that create a welcoming, comfortable and functional dining experience. 


These professionals are focused on creating sets for film, television and theater. 

Cost to Hire an Interior Designer/Decorator 

There are several major ways a client could be charged for services. 

Flat fee 

This fee is discussed and determined after initial consultation and the professional has a clear understanding of the client and job at hand. Often a portion of the fee is required up front to start and will be applied to the final installment. An example of a flat fee could be a bathroom remodel design with a set fee of 4500 euros. 

Hourly fee 

This is also discussed at the consultation meeting. Depending on the project, and the professional, an hourly fee can range from 50 euro to 200 euros an hour and upwards. 

Percentage of project fee 

Fees are computed as a percentage markup on the total project cost, including furnishings and services purchased or specified on behalf of a client, this is, on average, a 20% mark up. 


The client pays a sum up front to the designer for design services, for example, 20,000 euros for a kitchen. 

Per square foot 

The designer and decorator charges fees based on the square footage of the project. 

When exactly do I need an Interior Designer and Decorator? 

The best time to hire a professional is at the conceptualization of a project. Once you know you want to, for example, redesign your living room to look mid century modern, then it is the perfect time to hire a professional who can make your vision come to life. It is best to hire the professional at the beginning so they can help you avoid costly mistakes and bring out the full potential of your home. You will need them throughout the duration of the project, from beginning to end, so that they can ensure everything runs smoothly as well as make sure your goals are being met. Your hired professional will come by to monitor the project throughout, and will make sure everything stays on track to bring your vision to life.  It is important for the professional to see the project to the end so they can make sure the client is satisfied and has their dream room! 

Why do I Really Need an Interior Designer and Decorator?

It is easy to think one can design and decorate on their own, especially if you’ve been browsing homify and have a strong sense of style. But these professionals do more than make walls look pretty. Hiring a professional is a very wise choice. They will save you time, money, and headache! 

Save money 

A professional will save the client money. They know how to increase the value of the space they are working with. They are also trained with the knowledge of things such as lighting quality and standards for special needs person. Imagine if the client is a restaurant owner who forgot to create proper space in the restaurant for a wheelchair to navigate. This would cost money to have to redo this! 

Staying on budget 

A professional will work with your budget and make sure the project stays in it. They know where to go for resources to enhance your home. They know the brands, products and price points on items the client may be unaware of. Often even, they can get special deals from brands they use often. 


These professionals have a wide array of contacts. Beyond product contacts that will help make a space beautiful, they will have industry contact such as contractors, plumbers, and electricians who are reliable. 

Home value 

A professional can add that wow factor to a private home. Adding great aesthetic to the space, they can increase sales when it comes time to put the client home on the market. A beautiful, renovated and professionally designed kitchen, for example, will add tremendous value to a private home. 

Where Can I Find a Perfect Interior Designer or Decorator? 

Looking for that perfect interior designer or decorator to take your project to greatness? You already have come to the right place! Homify is the perfect online platform to find your ideal professional. It is very simple to browse through homify’s professionals and see samples of their work by searching country, room, and even style such as Mediterranean or Modern. With homify you have the perfect place to begin your journey to your dream space. 


After the client has found the professional of their dreams, it is quite easy to hire and work with the professional. Let’s say we are re-doing a bathroom. The timeline works as followed: 

1. Initial meeting- An initial consultation takes place between the professional and the client to determine the client's scope of ideas, the project, and the fees associated.

2. Agreement- After the initial agreement, the professional will come up with a contract that goes over everything discussed- the services  that were talked about and details of the payment. Let’s say for this example there will be an hourly rate of 100 euros. 

3.  The fun begins- The professional gets to work. They reach out to their contacts for materials, for example, bathroom tiles, a new double sink, faucets, and runs everything by the client before ordering. 

4. Installation- A professionally hired contractor comes in to lay down the tiles, new sink, and cabinetry. An electrician does all the new lighting. A painter puts up a beautiful shade of blue that the client has chosen. 

5. Final touches- The professional adds a few final touches to make the bathroom really pop; colorful towels, a ceramic flower vase, and a framed oil painting. 

6. The finale- After 80 hours of work, or 8,000 euros, the client has a new, top of the line, spa retreat in the comfort of their home! 


Both an interior designer and decorator do more than just make a space look pretty. They bring the client’s ideas to life, creating a one of a kind space that is not only beautiful but functional and safe. 

What Other Professionals do I Need? 

Other professionals you may need are: 


Does all the manual labor, for example, knocking down walls, installing tiles and puts up partitions. 

Interior architect

This professional designs the interior of a space, laying the foundation for the decorating to be done. For example, they design the layout of the floor plan from the beginning of construction by planning where each wall, window and partition is built.

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