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The pillar of modern civilization and a centuries old profession; the mighty home builder. Without the home builder we would not have a roof to shelter under, nor magnificent buildings to ogle at over famous cityscapes.

If you’re in need of a new structure, from anything as simply as an extension or a garden wall, to more extensive projects such as full houses, municipal buildings or office blocks, you need to hire a home builder.

What does a home builder do?

Home builders, as the name suggests are the folks you contract to build your home and or other building projects. Whether a full house, extension, office block, municipal building, garden wall or any other construction project, these are the people that bring structures to life.

Working from an architect’s blueprint, home builders coordinate from start to finish, the construction of commissioned and approved building plans to create a fully functioning end structure. They source materials, estimate costings and provide machinery and labor either via themselves or through sub-contractors in order to get a job done as completely as possible.

What types of home builder are there?

There are at least four different types of home builder:

Custom home builders – this is the type of builder you would contract to build a completely one-off home unlike anything else you’ll see around you. This is perfect for if you’ve spent your life creating your perfect home in your mind, and want that project to come to life, or hired an architect to come up with an idea that you approve of.

Custom home builders are generally the most costly, as the process of creating a building with no previous examples to work from is usually more time consuming.

Semi-custom home builders – this type of builder has an archive of blueprints from previous constructions. The buyer (you) simply chooses the blueprint they like the most and the builder can get to work from past experience of that build.

Cheaper and more efficient than custom home building on the whole as the project has already been priced and completion time logged.

Spec home builders – spec home builders buy up land and create a custom or semi-custom house, speculating that they will sell the finished article for a certain price. A buyer may offer to buy the property before full build, but this method generally means that the buyer has limited say in the floor plan and finishes, with the builder calling most of the shots.

Production home builders – production builders or developers buy large amounts of land, which is then divided up into different lots, where different stock plan homes are constructed. There is normally a very strict formula to these builds, meaning you know exactly what you’ll get, they’re also generally the best value, as there are numerous identical builds to choose from and construction time is quick.

What should I look for in a home builder?

When choosing the right home builder, answer these queries:

- What do I need? 

- What experience does the company/individual have, especially with my particular needs? 

- Are they licensed?

- Are previous customers satisfied? 

- What is the resale value of the builder’s previous projects? 

- Is the builder part of a home builders’ association or similar? 

- Can you view the builder’s previous projects, if so, what is the quality of build/materials used?

How much should I budget for a home builder and how long will my project take?

As stated above, this depends on the type of project you seek, is it a custom home? If so, get estimates from your custom builder. Is it a semi-custom home? If so, how much did the similar blueprint cost, and how much time has passed since (taking into account inflation), is it a spec home or a production home? The builder should have a fairly well-estimated time and price stamp on both of these processes.

So, daunting as it may seem to hire someone to build your home, there are actually fairly simple steps to making sure you find the right person, at the right price for your project. Oh, and don’t forget to take a scroll through homify’s professional home builders and check out their projects.