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Solar panel installers place solar panels in sunny places to gather the sun's power.Home appliances can be found in every home. From refrigerators, to ovens, these appliances have become a critical part in our everyday lives. Home appliance professionals serve a great role. They are able to keep our lives running smoothly by making sure our appliances do not fail us. Take a look at homify’s website to learn more about these important professionals and to find your perfect match!

What are Home Appliance Professionals? 

A home appliance professional is a repairer who makes sure common household appliances run smoothly, and when they do malfunction they are able to find a solution swiftly. These professionals work with electrical and mechanical machines that are used for example to cook and clean. Major appliances they work on include:


Clothes dryers



Kitchen stoves

Water heaters

Washing machines

Trash compactors

Microwave ovens

These professionals install and repair these home appliances. On a typical day, a home appliance professional may have to install pipes in a customer’s home to connect the appliance to a gas or water line. Once these lines are in place, they then turn on the gas or water and check for leaks. They also are able to answer questions about maintenance and care for these appliances.

When there is a problem with a home appliance, the professional will visually inspect the appliance, checking for strange noises, vibrations, leakage or loose parts to try to figure out the problem. They then will take apart the appliance to examine the internal parts for wear and tear. After they find the problem, they will replace or repair the defective appliance, which can include repairing defective belts, motors, heating elements, and gears as well as tightening, cleaning and aligning parts. They use tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, files and pliers.

Most commonly, someone wanting to become a home appliance professional will attend a trade school to get the proper training. They then will do an apprenticeship program, working with a more skilled professional.

What Type of Home Appliance Professionals Exist?

There are two major types of home appliance professionals. These include:

Large appliance technician

This professional works with the installation and repair of larger home appliances. This can include refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, and dryers.

Small appliance technician

This professional will be skilled in working with the smaller home appliances, for example a microwave.

Home Appliance Repair Cost

A professional can calculate their services in a variety of ways.

Hourly rate

The professional charges based on the amount of time they are working on the appliance, which could be around 45 euro an hour.

Flat rate

A professional may choose to charge a flat rate based on the type of appliance they are working on. For example, 135 euro flat rate for a fridge or other major appliance.

Type of repair

Another way a professional may charge is whether the repair is minor or major. A minor repair can cost around 100 euros where a major repair may cost up to 500 euros.

When exactly do I need a Home Appliance Professional?

There are two times you may need a professional for your home appliance. This could be during initial installation. For example, if you just bought a new refrigerator, you would hire a home appliance professional to install it in your kitchen.

Another time you would need a professional is when one of your home appliances malfunctions. For example, if the freezer suddenly will not get cold anymore, you would call this professional to come in and take a look at it to access and fix the problem.

For both of these situations the professional would work on the appliance from beginning to end, ensuring the appliance is running smoothly. This could take several hours to install or fix.

Why do I Really Need a Home Appliance Professional?

A home appliance professional is needed because they are trained in identifying and fixing problems with out common appliances. The average person is not equipped with knowing how to fix, for example, an oven or dishwasher. When repairing refrigerators and window air conditioners, for example, home appliance professionals must conserve, recover, and recycle chlorofluorocarbon and hydrochloroflurocarbon refrigerants used in these cooling systems, as it is required by law. They must also document the capture and disposal of refrigerants. This is specific knowledge that likely the average person is not aware of.

A professional will also save you money. If something is wrong with your air conditioning unit, for example, if it is running at high speed yet does not make the room very cool, a lot of energy is wasted. Wasted energy is wasted money which will be reflected in your next electricity bill. A professional will make sure your appliances are running as energy efficient as possible.

Where can I find a perfect Home Appliance Professional?

Now that you know how important a home appliance professional is, its time to find one! Homify is a great place to find your perfect professional. On the homify website, it is easy to search for a professional by location. You can even browse their previous work samples, and their contact information is made readily available.


Still unsure of how a home appliance professional can be used? It is quite easy to use these handy professionals. Let’s say that your air conditioning unit has all the sudden stopped working.  It looks like it is running, however it is blowing out warm air, which is not helpful during the hot summer months! You’ve already found your perfect professional from homify’s website. After you call the professional the following would then happen to ensure your cooling system is back up and running.


The professional comes to your home to access the problem. They would visually look at the unit, and then dissemble the unit if necessary to get to the root of the problem.


Next a contract is written outlining the scope of the work and the method of payment. Let’s say your professional is going to charge a flat rate of 300 euros to fix the unit.

Work begins

After the contract is signed, the professional will work to fix the problem. They have discovered a few burnt out wires, which thankfully for you doesn’t mean you have to replace the entire unit like you thought. During their work they had to replace a few circuit boards, but never worry, it is still covered in the flat rate quote.

Work complete

After a few hours, the problem is solved. The professional checks to make sure the unit is working as it should. You then are billed the 300 euros for the successful completion of the job.


Home appliances such as microwaves, stoves, and washing machines make our lives easier. A home appliance professional ensures these run smoothly to keep our everyday lives in harmony.

What Other Professionals Do I Need?

Other professionals you may need include:

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Professional

Also known as an HVAC specialist. These professionals ensure there is high quality and safe air in a space.


These professionals install and maintain all of the electrical and power systems for homes, businesses, and factories.