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One of the most important aspects of designing a space that must not be overlooked is heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, also known as HVAC. No matter where you live, you will need to install at least one, if not all of these into your space. Homify provides a great starting point to learning more about heating, ventilation and air conditioning experts as well as browsing options around the globe.

What is a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Professional? 

An HVAC professional is someone trained to provide acceptable indoor air quality. They work on  heating, ventilation and cooling systems that control the air temperature in buildings. They can work in private homes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, office buildings, malls, and factories. 

On a regular working day they will go to the job site and access what needs to be done. If it is a project where one of the systems is not functioning, they must access the problem and figure out how to fix it. If it is a new project, for example, a home that is just being built, then they will work to create the optimal system for keeping quality air control in the home and build from there.   

Their job on the site includes:

Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils 

If these are not clean they can’t remove heat from the space. 

Comb coil fins 

This restores their original form, removing blockage causing bends and thus making it easier to release warm air. 

Clean clogged drains 

Clogged drains can cause fluid to accumulate, causing humidity and water damage in the space. 

Lubricate moving parts 

This will reduce friction and the amount of electricity needed for a unit to function. 

Tighten electrical connections 

Loose connections can reduce a unit’s longevity and cause the system to malfunction. 

Becoming a heating, ventilation and air conditioning expert requires several skills. 


Proper education is a must and includes studying the field in a classroom setting such as a trade school or community college. An apprenticeship usually follows and many clients only hire an HVAC professional if an apprenticeship has been completed. 

Mechanical skill 

An HVAC professional must be comfortable around machines and electrical work as this is part of the everyday job! 


Working on a project site means working in small spaces that are often too hot or too cold. There will be frequent cramped spaces where the professional is repairing duct work. 


A heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional typically works during normal business hours but also must be on call for emergencies. 

Codes and regulations 

Depending on country there are certain regulations and standards an HVAC professional must understand and follow. The international one is labeled as ISO 16813. This establishes the principals of environment design and takes into account the need to provide healthy indoor air for occupants.  This standard is applicable to new buildings as well as existing ones. 

What Type of HVAC Professionals Exist? 

A heating, ventilation and air condition professional will often choose an area of expertise, although they are trained both areas.


This HVAC professional is called in at the beginning of a project and installs a new HVAC system for a space. 

Maintenance and repair 

Often an HVAC professional is needed to fix an existing system,  this is another area of expertise where there is an established system and something causes it to malfunction. An HVAC professional is the perfect person to call when this occurs. 

Cost to Hire a Heat, Ventilation and Air Condition Professional 

An HVAC professional can cost on average 50 to 70 euros per hour. A typical visit could last 1-2 hours. Many HVAC maintenance companies offer annual servicing contracts for preventative care. These contracts can range from 100-150 euro per year. The contract will provide more warranty coverage than hiring someone for a single visit. If anything is wrong with your system then the HVAC professional will come and fix the issue. 

Keep in mind that the above fees cover the labor of the visit, and not the actual system pieces in case they need to be replaced. Some examples of associated costs are: 

Replacement of air filters 

Filters cost in the range of 15-60 euros. 

Evaporator coils 

They can cost 250-400 euros to replace. 


If there is a leak that needs to be repaired the cost can be 300-1000 euro. 

Foam pipe insulation 

Cover exposed pipes in preparation for winter. 1-3 euros. 

Weatherproof cover 

Cover the entire unit, 30-50 euros. 

When exactly do I need a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Professional? 

There are two best times to hire an HVAC professional. That is at the beginning of a project, for example if a home or building is being constructed from the ground up. Or when there is a problem with an existing unit, and HVAC professional would come in and fix the problem. 

Hiring an HVAC professional to fix a problem typically would just be for a few hours. They would need to come in and assess the situation and then come up with a solution, for example, if the evaporator coils need to be replaced. They would then order that and install it in a following visit when the part arrives. 

Hiring an HVAC professional at the beginning of the development of a project would involve more time. The professional would assess the needs of the space and install everything-heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems throughout. This would involve far more hours.  A typical furnace installation can take 4-10 hours. An air conditioning installation can take 4-8 hours. 

Why do I really need an HVAC Professional? 

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional is needed because the average person does not have the knowledge and training they do! These professionals are equipped with all the information needed to keep a home or space comfortable, which can get quite technical. Working with electrical connections, compressors, capacitors and coil fins, for example, should only be handled by a trained professional. Otherwise it can be quite dangerous and optimal for an accident to occur. Also, a professional will save money as they know what to look for in fixing, or installing a system. You don’t want, for example, a thermostat to read off but really the heat has been running all along! 

Where can I Find the Perfect HVAC Professional? 

Now that you’re ready to hire a professional for your space, homify is a great place to start looking for one. With homify, you can search professionals by location and even see samples of their previous work. Finding a professional has never been easier! 


Hiring  a professional is not as intimidating as it might seem. After you’ve identified the professional you want, it is a simple flow of process that occurs. 

Visit and estimate 

The professional will come to the work site to assess the problem or situation, for example, if there is a problem with the air conditioning unit, and they will give a price estimate of what it will cost to fix it. 


Then a contract is presented with details of all services to be performed, cost of all fees(including if, for example, an entire new a/c unit is needed),  and payment due dates. 


The professional will then get to work installing the new a/c unit. A new unit can cost 350-7200 euros. As highlighted above, this can take up to 8 hours of work. 


After about 6 hours of work, your new a/c unit is installed and ready for use, already making your home a much more comfortable place! 


Air quality in a home or building is highly important to provide a safe and comfortable environment. An HVAC professional will help achieve optimal comfort level. 

What Other Professionals do I Need? 

Electrical and lighting engineer 

Designs and implements building energy saving projects and energy management. 


Install and maintain all electrical and power systems for a space. 

Home appliance repairer 

Repairs home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dish washers.