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Glass is the ultimate tool for transforming the look of any building, interior or exterior. Not only does glass allow light to glide into a space, literally altering the mood of its canvas within, and the end user who experiences it, it can also upgrade the entire intrigue and appearance which envelopes a structure. Look at the Louvre museum in Paris as an example, the museum is set within a rather fancy but generally non-interactive palatial building, but what is it that visitors retain in their memory most fondly? Those glass pyramid adorning the forecourt.

This effect is the same the world over, the reflectivity, the seemingly endless design possibility and the sheer beauty of glass upgrades and reinvents public and private space.

What options are there for glass manufacturing?

So, your heart is set on using glass for various reasons in your next home project, but what options do you actually have to work with?

From frameless façades, interior partitioning and window and door design, to roofing and canopy or bannister designs, the usage of glass in the home in the 21st century is near-endless. Specialists in glass manufacturing and supply are procurable with varying degrees of expertise and experience.

If you have an idea in your mind of the type of project you wish to complete or the sorts of glass design you’re looking for, but aren’t sure if it’s possible why not use homify’s discussions board to post your queries? You’ll receive expert opinion as well as comment from other site users.

Can I custom order manufactured glass?

Yes, is the simple answer. It may be that not every glass manufacturer out there has the ability to offer fully custom designs and orders, but there are plenty who can. Whether you just need particularly shapes window panes or a full custom wall of glass, you should be able to find a manufacturer who can help, as long as the laws of physics aren’t entirely disregarded.

Where can I find glass manufacturers?

With thousands of registered home tradespeople, designers and manufacturers, homify is an ideal platform to browse contractors and their completed projects for your upcoming home improvements. Simply search our professionals tab for glass manufacturers within your area code and contact your favorites for quotes, ideas and other project help.

Questions you should answer before hiring a professional

As obvious as it seems, in order for things to run as smoothly as possible it’s always best to be as prepared as you can be before you’ve agreed to a project with a professional. With regards to manufactured glass this is particularly evident as it can be an expensive process and usually a one-time, no errors job.

The below should definitely be on your mind before your glass is cut and complete:

- Is my design or idea physically possible?

- Are my measurements accurate?

- Is the professional I am hiring experienced with either my design or a variety of custom designs if my design is not common?

- Is their pricing structure competitive within the industry, if not, what benefits do they offer?

- How long will my glass design take to be cut and installed?

Compile a full list of everything you personally feel needs addressing, and if you’re at all unsure about what further questions to ask a manufacturer, you can always ask our community via homify’s discussions board.

Whatever project you have planned, whether it involves a glass manufacturer, or a bricklayer, make sure you utilize homify’s extensive database of home and interiors professionals to browse and ultimately hire the best tradesperson possible.