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In this text, you will learn about the work of a general contractor and what they can do for you and your home build. You’ll learn about when it is appropriate to hire them and how much they will cost. You can find many general contractors on homify.

What are general contractors? 

A general contractor spends their time organizing. They work with builders, with suppliers and even with your architect. They ensure that everything is running smoothly and on time so that your build can be finished by the projected date. They will give you regular updates of how everything is working. Some people choose to do the work of a general contractor themselves, however, this can be difficult if they have few contacts in the industry and little experience in the building sector. On working days, a general contractor will communicate with many different people. They will usually spend their day on site and will be instructing builders while keeping track of supplies. A general contractor will likely have worked up the ranks from being a builder and will have had a lot of practical experience in the industry. They will also have a lot of contacts which they will use for you. There are not many specific tools which your general contractor will use, however, some important tools include: 

What Type of General Contractors Exist? 

Corporate General Contractor 

These professionals will have a team ready to help you with the work you need. They have an intricate system which will be used to handle many different jobs and sites at the same time. However, their work is expensive and is not usually required on a small build. Their work involves helping you create the perfect build. They will organise their time to enable more work to be done. 

Medium Sized  

This professional is very useful when it comes to creating  projected time periods for specific work. They will be in charge of making sure builders are motivated and working hard. They may also be in charge of paying everyone, if you do not have time to do this and keep up to date with payments yourself. They will only be working on one or two different projects at a time. This professional will be working on the job. You need a general contractor when it comes to working on your home because they are likely to be very organised and capable of motivating their staff. 

One Man Contractor  

This professional will usually be on site, working on every aspect. They can also assist with needs such as plumbing. Without a general contractor and the connections which they bring, you may find that the entire process takes you a lot longer than it necessary. Their work can cost a percentage of the overall build cost, or they may charge you for the project. You should speak to your general contractor before you hire them in order to decide whether or not you can afford their work or whether you should simply attempt to undertake the difficult task alone.

When Exactly Do I need a general contractor?  

The best time to hire a general contractor is when you are finished working with your architect and ready to hire builders. By hiring a general contractor, they can help you out when it comes to searching for builders who have a good reputation. This is a great use of their many contacts as without this professional, it can be very hard to find people who are willing to work when you need them. You will be required to hire a general contractor for the length of the process of building. This is likely to take a few months, but in this time they will indispensable.

Why do I really need a general contractor?  

You will find that you can do the work of this professional yourself, however, it will be a much longer and more difficult process. If you are hoping to do this, then you will need to simply make sure you have enough time and will. It can be very disparaging when you do not know in which direction to turn. You also cannot have your eyes and ears on the build at all times, unlike this professional. The benefit of hiring a professional can mean that you do not need to be on the pulse at all times and can instead rely on the help of others. Their work may cost you more, but it is likely to mean that you have a lot less to worry about and can sleep at night a lot more easily!

Where can I find a perfect general contractor?  

When it comes to finding any professional at all for your home build, homify is the best place to stop by. You will be able to use the search function in order to find people who are in your local area. Professionals will have a page on which you can find their portfolio, their Facebook page (if they have one) and all of their contact details so you can quickly and easily set up a meeting and ask for a quote. There are many professionals who do not require much vetting, however, with a general contractor, you will find that it is best to meet them in advance so that you can decide whether or not you get on well enough to be working with them every day for the next few months, or until your build is finished.


1. The way in which people usually hire this professional is through a recommendation of their architect.  

2. If the professional is free to work for you and you are happy with their reviews and portfolio, then work can begin right away, however, it is a good idea to make sure that they have been properly checked out first.  

3. It is also essential to ensure that they have all the right credentials and training.  

4. The timeline for this professional working with you entirely depends on how long your build will take, they are very likely to work throughout the build.  

5. Their cost can either be a percentage of the building costs, or simply an hourly rate depending on what is best for both you and them. 


Overall, this professional is one which you should consider as they are likely to be a huge help to the entire building process. If you are unsure of where to find building materials, or even builders to work with, this professional can help you out immensely. Do not underestimate their value when it comes to create a home which you are happy to live in.

What Other Professionals Do I Need? 


A builder is the main person that will be working on your home from beginning to end. They will be following the plan of an architect and making sure everything is running properly. A builder is someone who is indispensable, so make sure you have a good relationship with yours before you begin working with them. 


 A plumber is an important person when it comes to making sure everything is working correctly in your home. If you have any leaky pipes, this can be disastrous and cost worthy for a build. Therefore, having a good plumber is important to have on hand.


An architect is an important person for your build. They will be in charge of making sure everything is sorted for your build. They will work on your plans to make sure that they are right for you and your family. An architect will take everything from the structure to the environment into consideration and you will find that you definitely cannot do this work yourself.