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There is a lot more to gardening than we already know. This page gives you a variety of gardeners list and a quick look at the things they do, tools they use and what does it take to become a gardener. It also provides information on where to look for and hire a one for both public and private purposes.

Who are Gardeners?

They are responsible for growing and cultivating all types of plants like flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns in a variety of green spaces. These could be public parks, backyard or gardens. They are creative in many ways. A good example may be the trimming of the tall grasses or shrubs in a more animated and imaginative manner. They can also show their creativity in the landscapes by giving them a different design with many types of trees or grasses arranged in a distinctive manner.

Tools they use

They perform a lot of processes like digging, pruning, growing and harvesting. For each of the process they carry out, there is a specific tool used by them.


A plain household scissor is well enough to be used. A gardener uses it to cut the dead tips of a flower, herb or small vegetable such as pepper.


They are perfect tools for prying up weeds with taproots like dandelions. They are long, look like a notched screw driver and a fork. This structure makes it easy for them to penetrate the soil and remove weed roots deep from the ground.

・Soil knife

This is a Japanese tool with a concave blade and a sharp end. It is used for transplanting, dividing perennials, slicing through sod,weeding and removing bonsai plants from pots.

・Pruning shears

They are small, lightweight and sharp enough to cut a sheep’s toe. They are used to prune woody perennials.

・Water hoses

This is the most important of them all, when you need to water the plants and grass. Nowadays the technology has provided sprinkler jets, that spray water at a 360 degree radius.


Shovels are used for digging through hard soils and also for scooping out debris. It can either be used to plant some trees or used to clear out the planted area.


An usual tool used by them. It is used for cutting through tree trunks or woody stem of a plant. If used well it can also help shape the plants.

・Loop hoe

They use it for edging and weeding. It uses a back and forth motion making it easier to penetrate the top soil and root out the weeds.

What does it take to become a Gardener?

To become a gardener there isn’t any specific qualifications to pursue. People can become one by gaining some first hand experience. Volunteering is one of the ways to gain experience. There are a lot of opportunities in the conservation parks and wildlife trusts. Another way around this is to study horticulture. This will inculcate great knowledge  and skills towards starting a career in it.

What types of Gardeners exist?

Speaking in terms of business, there aren’t any sub-divisions in this role. It is just a single role in a single green space, using the above mentioned tools.

When are the Gardeners needed?

There are certain scenarios when they are wanted.

Firstly, when the plants need some trimming or designing, they have to be called for. This is a time where, the plants and trees grow out of hand into irregular shapes spoiling the beauty of the garden.

The second scenario is, they are also called when new plants or shrubs have to be planted in the field. This is no easy task and only they who have experience in handling the soil can do it.

They are also called at a time when there is too much of flooding due to heavy rains. This is a time when all the plants and shrubs will get destroyed when the topsoil washes off. Only they can do their magic using their knowledge on gardening to make sure the soil stays strong enough to hold the plants. If it cannot be prevented they can redesign the entire green space as new again.

Why are Gardeners needed?

Here there are two scenarios as to why they are needed.

They are required to do the job because we people might have no time at all to do the work. In the tight and busy schedule, we always need someone to look after our garden. This could be a small field in the backyard or a public park. For public parks, the government or private sector will employ a professional to take care of it. They will stay near the park making it easy for them to commute between the places and also attend to the park whenever required.

The next case is when people do not have any knowledge about planting and harvesting but own a field. Gardeners come into play here helping out to build and design it. They work closely with clients, taking careful consideration of the client’s requirements and plan a layout of it.

Where can Gardeners be found for hire?

homify is the place where we can find and hire them. They can be found by enquiring at the city’s office, where they give contacts to some of the best around. The office has records of all the professional working in the city and could easily be the source to find one.


It has to be done through an interview. They should be available, reliable and communicative. Before hiring them, it is important to evaluate it. For example, is it just for maintenance or for creating a formal one from scratch. Things to evaluate are


This can be English, Oriental, Woodland or formal. Hence first consideration should be what style actually suits your taste.


Is it for conducting parties or is it going to be a children’s play area?

Knowing these things is important so that you can tell your requirements in an understandable manner to the gardener.

Interviewing the Gardeners

It is mandatory that the professional you hire knows about horticulture, pesticides, weed control, fertilizing, sprinkler and timer repair. Without having this knowledge and experience, mistake will always occur and the garden will not end up looking as expected. The important things to ask him are for suggestions on the it. This is to check if he has a background knowledge on it. The second thing to ask is if they carry a liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Without this if he does anything wrong on your property, you are responsible for it and no action can be taken against them.

Working hours and conditions

They usually work for 37 hours a week. This can be both for creating a garden or maintaining one. But their work hours vary depending on the time of the year. Sometimes they do part time, overtime and on weekends too depending on the urgency and necessity. The rainy season will require them to put more hours to work.


They could earn around 16500 to 23000 USD a year. A head gardener could earn about 31000 or more. The managers earn about 36500 USD a year. Self employed professionals charge hourly and this rate varies based on their experience and popularity.

What other professionals I Can Find?

There are a few other professionals who can help or be a part of this.

Landscape designers

They are good at presenting blueprints and outlines of the landscape in and around the house. They would know the nature of the land and its geography and in addition to that they design the landscape as per the client’s requirements. Their design charts can give an idea on where and how to plant.

Fense & Gate

After the landscape design and planting of trees and shrubs, it is required to fence them to add a finishing touch. This scenario most likely goes to all parks, private and public. This makes it look professional. Fencing and gates can be installed by the corresponding professionals. You can hire them to do the finishing work to the park with decorative and creative fences and gates with various designs on them. This would also make the park attractive for visitors.


This is the basic background information on a gardener. As a person who owns a field or a lawn, could make use of these to hire a better or a perfect gardener who can work on your taste of requirements.