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Studio Stirling pty (ltd)
Beautiful hanging swing chairs and daybeds are the passion of Studio Stirling.  They are made from steel and are strong
Dome Ovens®
Our endeavor? To offer you the combined results of a truly remarkable wood fired oven for your enjoyment. Why are our products
Studio VIX loves to design products which stimulate joyful interactions & creativity Studio VIX is a Dutch design
SG International Trade
We are the bridge between the Turkish furniture manufacturers and interior designers, retailers, wholesalers from all over
ARCHYI. by Bisilque
We provide Persian handmade carpets, kilim rugs, and tapestries. We have been in the carpet industry for years. We are
BACD Studio
BACD is a furniture and architecture studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our products are handmade and built to last
Mineheart US
A design wonderland. Wallpaper, art, lighting, rugs, accessories for extraordinary interiors.
Lombardi Furniture
Lombardi is a living furniture brand tailored to the interior projects, furniture showrooms with custom needs that is creation
Madera Furniture Company
Madera is a Bespoke Furniture Studio that adds a touch of glamour and sophistication in your home interiors through our
Aguirre Design
Combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary elegance, Aguirre Design is an American company that creates extraordinary
Sebastian Hoek / Product Design
Sebastian Hoek, born in 1980, studied industrial design at the University of Wuppertal, Germany. While still a student
Next level coatings... Creating ecooloogical products you've never seen before. Using waste materials to develop ground
CV. Talang Mas
CV. Talang Mas is manufacture teak outdoor and indoor furniture made by skilled and experienced craftsman from generation
Antal Diseño
Somos una marca enfocada en el diseño de mobiliario residencial, mantenemos una evolución constante, desarrollando ideas
Hangzhou Oubeier Plastic Industry Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Oubeier Plastic Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1996,. is a modern enterprise integrating production, design
Jiaxing Wuzhou Bearing Technology Co., Ltd.
As a famous China sleeve bushings manufacturers and oil groove bushings suppliers, we are specializing in manufacturing
JUNJIE was first inaugurated in 1994 as a dedicated pneumatic tools designer, manufacturer and supplier in China. Our modern
ROSI Office Systems
In 1993, ROSI began out of Houston’s large demand for affordable office cubicles as companies were emerging from the nearly

Furniture and accessories can really make a space come to life. After all, what is a room without furniture but an empty space with four walls? Accessories such as throw pillows, artwork, and floating bookshelves can further transform a space. Homify has a great listing of people who collect and sell beautiful furniture and accessories all around the world that can take any space from ordinary to extraordinary.

What are Furniture and Accessories Collectors?

Creative people who collect and import furniture and accessories to sell in their shops are innovative professionals who have a sharp eye for design.  They are keen to certain styles and unique products. On a working day, they could spend their time browsing antique stores, searching for that one special item to add to their own shop. Or even, a professional could go on a trip somewhere, for example, they could visit the markets in Morocco, and find the most perfect textiles to bring back to their shop. They can spend several weeks or months traveling to near and far places around the world and import these special pieces.

One doesn’t need any special training to import furniture and accessories or to collect them for their shops. It is important, however, to know the laws of importing goods and to have the proper license to do so.  Import licenses will vary depending on the goods being imported and where it is coming from. For example, the EU has a number of trade agreements with its partner countries, and sees trade as important for development. Therefore, trade between EU member countries has a very low tariff and is easier than importing between non-EU countries. A furniture and accessories importer and collector must know about licenses and other important rules.

Open general license

This allows the import and export of specific goods by anyone to all countries freely without restrictions.

Imports against specific import licenses

Many second hand products are traded and imported between developing and underdeveloped countries. These second hand items are allowed to be imported into receiving countries through this specific license. This license sets conditions required to be met by the importer to prove the residual life of the goods being imported.

Import quantity restrictions or quota

Some countries, for example, the USA, has quantity restrictions for the import of items like textiles on certain countries and so anyone importing goods that fall into this category would have to adhere to the current quota, which is periodically reviewed and amended.

Negative list

Most countries have a negative list of items which are not allowed to be imported and exported. Samples of these items could include animal hides and other wildlife.

What Type of Furniture and Accessories Collectors Exist?

There are several types of these professionals that exist to help you create the space of your dreams. This includes:

Antique collector

This professional will gather and import furniture and accessories that are specifically antique. They may get their goods at auctions or estate sales. They do have a legal requirement, and that is they must have a reseller’s certificate.

Personal shop

A furniture and accessories collector could have their own carefully curated local shop. The shop may have a certain theme in the items they sell, for example, minimalist design.

Mass retail

A shopper for a mass retail company will also travel the world, searching for special items and trends, and purchase goods in bulk for large retail and department stores.

International shop

This is a type of personal/local shop where the furniture and accessories collector will curate items with a global feel. Perhaps all the items are sourced from Norway. Or Morocco. Customers come to this store looking for a unique, themed item.

We need these different types of furniture and accessories collectors to provide variety and inspiration. Their items are carefully curated and often one of a kind. A lamp, for example, from an antique shop is going to be truly special, and can be the attention grabbing piece of a favorite space.

The cost for buying furniture or accessories from a collector will vary depending on type of collector and what is being purchased. However, generally, a local shop will be more expensive than a giant retailing company as they spent their own time and resources to find their unique products, and they typically do not carry multiple numbers of items. So for example, a beautiful, blue velvet chair may cost 600 euros in a local shop, where a similar style chair at a major retailer may cost 300 euros (but also, a lot more people may have it!).

When exactly do I need a Furniture and Accessories Collector/Importer?

It would be a good idea to visit and talk to a furniture and accessories collector’s shop as soon as you begin your project at hand. Doing so will help get the creative juices flowing, give ideas and let you know what’s out there in terms of options for your space. This professional can help you hone your ideas to really bring your vision to life. They also know what’s out there and what is upcoming. So maybe you imagined a slick, Scandinavian designed table. Not to worry, the professional may have an upcoming trip and will keep an eye out for such item.

Why do I really need a Furniture and Accessories Collector?

If you truly are looking to create a one of a kind space then it is very important to use this professional. They have a great eye for design and can visually imagine how a certain item can add design value and aesthetics to a particular space. They can better find you a truly unique and one of a kind item and even show you a decorative piece you never thought you needed but now can’t live without!

Where Can I Find a Perfect Furniture and Accessories Collector?

Now that you know how these professionals can help bring the wow factor to your space, its time to find them! Homify’s website is the perfect online platform to find your ideal professional. It is easy to search by style, location and even room to find the person to help bring your vision to life.


Still unsure of how a furniture and accessories collector/importer can help you and your project? Let’s say you are redoing your living room. You love rich colors and textures, as well as travel, so you envision a unique space with one of kind items. After browsing through catalogues you haven’t found anything that jumps out at you. Now is the time to visit the store of a local furniture and accessories professional!

The visit

You visit the carefully curated store of a local professional. There’s a lot of attention grabbing items you never even thought of.


You talk with the professional, letting them know about your project and ideas. They show you around the store, highlighting items you never imagined.


The professional shows you a few special decorative accessories such as a rug from Morocco, a few colorful vases from Peru, and a mask from Ghana that would look perfect on a wall above a sofa.

Further development

Speaking of a sofa, you were really hoping to find a unique chair to compliment your sofa. The professional tells you they are getting ready to go on an upcoming trip to look for and import goods. They will look out for a unique chair for you.


After paying for the items purchased at the store (let’s say 1200 Euro) you excitedly wait a few weeks for them to return from their shopping trip. Four weeks later you are called into the store and are shown a gorgeous, brightly patterned, eye-catching chair imported from Tokyo. You pay 2,000 euro (with a likely 20% mark up) and take it home to finish off your beautiful and well thought out room. Your space will be the envy of all visitors!


Furniture and accessories are necessary to transform an empty space into an incredible room. A professional can help you curate the most unique items, bringing your vision to life.

What Other Professionals Do I Need?

Other professionals to include on your project are:

Interior architect

Lays the groundwork for all interior design to be done. This professional designs the interior of any space- from every floor, wall, and window placement.

Interior Designer

This professional designs the interior décor of your space. They take your ideas and visions and figure out how to apply them to create beauty and function in the space.


This person does the physical work of the space transformation. They lay down the new flooring, install the windows, put up partitions, etc.