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Professional floors can really add beautiful value to a commercial or public space. Unique floor styles and installation can make the interior of a business or corporate space complete. Professional floors ensure that your office, building and facility capture the style that you prefer. They add a sense of professionalism and legitimacy to your fledgling space.

What are Professional Floors?

Professional floors can include patterns and materials designed to set your space apart from other surfaces more commonly used and are distinctive for residential and other facilities. Professional floors also include accessories, making the floors more attractive

A professional floor installer will have a variety of accessories. These include:

Carpet & Rug 

The cushion determines a great carpet or rub, which enhance the quality of the carpet or rug.

Ceramic and Porcelain 

Ceramic tiles can give a room a unique look. Unlike carpet, tile stains are easier to remove.

What Types of Professional Floors?

There are various types of professional floors, most popular with corporate and commercial consumers.   

Hardwood Flooring   

Detecting water or moisture content is key for a quality job and the long-term health of wood floor is more durable.

Laminate Flooring 

This is a new generation of vinyl floors. Laminate flooring is durable and better prepared for daily wear and tear.

Full Cost Range 

For new professional floor installation, it will cost between 2 euros to 5 euros per square foot.

When Exactly Do I Need a Professional Floors?

When new construction is approved or in cases of minor or major rehabbing or refurbishing of a commercial or residential space is the best time to install professional floors. Contacting a professional can save you time and ensure that the job will be done satisfactorily.

Hire the professional for the duration of the project. In the beginning they will consult with you to draw up feasible plans. They will then see the project into implementation, ensuring that the client is satisfied throughout each step of the project.

Why do I Really Need Professional Floors?

Installing professional floors is no easy task, so it’s best to contact a professional. A professional must have a deep understanding of professional floor techniques down to the  design model. A professional will save the client money by proper placement of the floor

Where Can I Find the Perfect Professional Floor?

Now that you know you need new flooring to bring your commercial and corporate project complete. Homify has made it really easy to search and browse for the perfect door professional. The website smoothly organizes professionals by location and even style, so that you can browse past professional’s works and even get inspired for a new office space. When you have found a professional you are interested in, Homify makes it simple to contact them. You’re just one click away from hiring the perfect landscape designer!


Still wondering how to have professional floors? It’s quite simple! Let’s say you want to do work on your private home.


First, a consultation happens between the client and the professional.  The professional looks the space, takes pictures, and sits down with you to discuss your vision, wants and needs. The professionals will also offer their own suggestions.

Site Visit 

After the consultation, the professional will visit the site to review the work needed. This gives the professional an opportunity to gauge the tools, equipment, man-hours, and status of the project before the project begins.

Fun begins 

The professional will go shopping for products, working with a supply professional to purchase the tools they do not already have.  


The professional floor will be installed or refurbished.


After a few hours of work, your new or professional floors will be finished. It will match the tone, design, or structure you prefer.


A professional floor sets the tone of your establishment and can alter or assist how customers and potential customers view your space immediately.  

What Other Professionals Do I Need?

Other professionals you may include with your project include:

Carpet installer 

Can install carpet over existing floor surface for insulation and cosmetic purposes.


This professional creates the construction plans and square footage the floor will consume.

Custodial Services 

Secures maintenance and upkeep of the floor following the initial installation or refurbishing.