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Potentially one of the only great things about winter time, other than cosy winter coats and roast dinners, is a fireplace to snuggle up next to with a good book. If you are planning your home, then you may imagine having the perfect fireplace to relax next to in your living room. However, bringing that into reality can sometimes be task which requires forethought and planning. In this text you’ll learn all about fireplaces so you can make an informed decision regarding which suits you most!

Why do I need a fireplace?

Many people are now opting to not include a fireplace in their home, thanks to central heating. However, if you love the idea of having a crackling wooden fire in your house during those cold winter months, then there are still many options for you. The choice of a wooden fireplace can be both more expensive, due to the cost of firewood, and more time consuming to build, but once you get it right, the results can be a wonderful place to sit with your family and a great way to warm your entire home. Many people, who have already built their home and do not have the option of including a chimney, choose to create an electric fireplace instead.

Who can design and install my fireplace?

There are many companies who are able to help you design and install your fireplace. You may also want to consider searching for someone who is able to do the job locally, whether this is a designer or installer depends entirely on how much help you require. If you have no yet built your home, then it is a good idea to make sure that the fireplace is discussed in advance, especially if you are going to need a chimney. To do this work after the home has been built is a much larger and difficult task, so keep this in mind and do not treat it as an afterthought.

Where to find ideas and inspiration for my fireplace

You will find that on homify there are many pages on which you can search and view fireplaces. The styles may change, from modern to eclectic, but the ideas are all neatly in one place. By checking out your options, you can view different designers and professionals to follow so that you can have an idea of what is available to you. This way, you can even check out their profiles and find someone in advance who may be able to help you create the perfect fireplace.

What type of fireplaces exist?

This product for your home could either be a high maintenance affair, or simply something which is easy to maintain and add to your house once it has been built. The options for you here are also rather endless, you will find that you can choose from the choices below:


A wooden option is one of the most popular, however, you will find that it needs to be cleaned and also maintained a lore more often than the other choices. This is because of the fact that burning wood can be a messy affair and so it is worth keeping this in mind. If you have young children, then this option is also one which you ought to consider carefully. You may want to buy a fire fence to keep children away, but it is also worth weighing up the risk. Within the choice of wooden fireplaces, your installer is likely to be able to guide you on what is best. Below are some of the typical options.

1. Open Hearth

This is the more traditional option which is usually made from either brick or stone, therefore, it is harder to install. The benefits of this choice is that when you are close to the fire, you can really feel the heat! However, they are not the most effective choice when it comes to heating the entire room of your home. There are many varieties which are a lot better at heating your entire home and these options can be a lot cheaper too. In order to have proper ventilation, this choice will also require a lot of work when it comes to rebuilding a chimney.

2. Enclosed

This option is one which would work a lot better for you if you have young children. Usually these fireplaces have a glass panel which allows you to see the fire, without being able to get too close. Another great reason for this is that there is less heat escaping from the chimney meaning your rooms will stay warmer.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

Another option which you may be interested in, if you do not want the expense of a wood burning fire, is a gas burning option. By opting for this you will find that your heat is a lot less messy and even creates more heat for your home too. You will find that you do not need to hire as many people or for as long as the construction is also a lot quicker. This can be an attractive choice too and by searching on homify, you will find that you have hundreds of choices readily available which can instantly be added to your home if you reach out to the right fitter!

Ethanol Burning Fireplaces

You are very likely to find that this is the current trend for fireplaces. They are both easy to install and very contemporary in design too. Whether you are hoping to spend a lot or a little, you are very likely to find that they fit into your home design well. If you’re unsure of which fireplace to choose, simply reach out to a designer by using the filters on homify. They will be able to choose an option which works well for you and your family too! The only issue with this fireplace is the fact that they are unlikely to produce as much heat as the other choices. However, if you are environmentally conscious, then you will find that they are extremely compatible with this.


If you are intending on hiring a fireplace installer, then you will find that the timeline for their work should not take more than a few weeks. Their work can range from extremely expensive, to rather cheap, depending on the material you use. For example, installing a simple enclosed ethanol burning fireplace can take less than a few hours and the price of this may even come included in the fireplace itself.

If you are installing a fireplace which is larger and requires more work, such as a wood burning fire, then this could take anything up to two weeks and the work is very unlikely to be included in the purchase of the fireplace. So keep this expense in mind.

1. Initially, your fireplace will be measured. 

2. The first step for installation is having the proper ventilation. This is a drawn out process but one of the most important. The mantel is then added to the place where your fireplace will be. This is usually made from wood, but can be whatever you prefer. 

3. A plaster finish is an important final touch which will make your fireplace fit in with the rest of your room. 

4. The cost is likely to be over £500 as it is a process which requires you to hire somone to help. It is also expensive to buy the materials.


Overall, when it comes to creating the perfect living room, spending a little extra and hiring a fireplace installer, as well as a designer, may make all the difference for your home and comfort. So make sure to keep this in mind!

Which other professionals do I need for my home build? 


An architect is someone who is irreplaceable when it comes to building your home. You will find that they are able to help you out when you are creating a plan. Whether you have ideas or not is not important as your architect can help you throughout the process. They will take into consideration all of the local laws and help you get planning permission for your home too. Their work is expensive and they will charge you a percentage of the cost of the home build.


A tiler is someone who is able to create beautiful or plain patterns in your home. They can work on a bathroom or a kitchen and are irreplaceable as the work is very skilful. You will find that they are usually trained on the job and will have a natural talent for tiling. You may be able to do this work yourself, but it is time consuming and requires the right tools too.


A painter is someone who is very useful. You can do the work of a painter yourself, but you are likely to find that it is time consuming and hiring a professional will give you a beautiful finish to your home. There are many different painters on homify, whether you require interior or exterior painters is completely up to you—so keep this in mind. All you need to do is to use the search function to find someone who is right for you.