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In this day and age, the average home has so many electrical appliances. From stoves to dishwashers to televisions, electricians keep important parts of our everyday lives up and running. From small to big jobs, hiring a professional is important to ensure your products and devices are running. Additionally an electrician works with all the wiring of buildings and homes, ensuring you are never kept in the dark! 

What is an Electrician? 

An electrician specializes in the electrical wiring of buildings as well as machinery and related equipment. Such equipment can include refrigerators, ovens, televisions, etc. Additionally, they can wire a new home or building or repair existing electrical devices and components. Often an electrician will be called to troubleshoot a faulty device or electrical problem. For example, if your refrigerator has stopped running and is no longer cold, then this professional is the one to call to fix it. 

An electrician will use a variety of tools to get their job done. These include: 


Screwdrivers and nut drivers 

Wire strippers 

Fishing tools 

Measuring devices 

Labeling machines 

Power drills and drivers, hammer/drills 

Power saws 

To become an electrician one needs to complete their high school qualifications. It is important to have  foundation in math, science, and possibly courses in electronics. After formal education is complete, training is necessary. There are electrician apprenticeship programs available where an aspiring electrician can work under a more experienced professional.  Additionally, depending on location, there are certificates available which are offered at technical vocational schools or a training academy.  On average, such certificate programs and apprenticeships take four years to complete. 

Licensing requirements also vary depending on location. For example, an electrician may have to pass a location specific exam that tests their knowledge of electrical theory and local electric and building codes.

What Type of Electricians Exist? 

The types of electricians that exist depend on their professional focus. 

Auto Electrician 

This person will work on motorized vehicles and their repair, often focusing on the engine and other systems. 

Commercial Electrician 

This professional works in commercial sectors. This includes malls, office buildings, government buildings, etc. 

Industrial electrician 

This professional will work in large production style facilities where there are many machines and systems. 

Residential electrician 

This person is responsible for the electrical system of a residential home. 

Oil Rig electrician 

This professional works on an oil platform, like an oil rig, and their responsibilities will include maintenance, service and installation of electrical systems that can be found on oil platforms. 

The cost to hire an electrician will depend on the level of experience of the professional, location, and type of service they are providing. However, an electrician typically gets paid per hour of job service. 

Per hour 

On average, an electrician can make 25-100 euros an hour. This fee will be discussed at the consultation of the work they are providing. 

When Exactly Do I Need an Electrician? 

There are two times it is important to hire a professional. One is when you have a problem that needs troubleshooting. Perhaps your fridge has stopped working or the circuits in your bedroom will no longer allow for the lights to turn on. Well, it’s a perfect time to hire a professional to fix your issues! 

Another time it is important to hire a professional is in the beginning of a new project. Let's say you are designing your home that was built from the ground up. It's time to hire a professional to wire all the electricity in this home and make it move in ready. 

Why do I Really Need an Electrician?

It is important to hire an electrician for your electrical troubleshooting and projects because it is such an important task that can easily go wrong. The average person is not knowledgeable on the various aspects of electrical wiring. For example, lets say the light in your living room has stopped working. When you removed the chandelier and see 5 wires with various colors, will you know which one to work with? An electrician will! Working with the wrong equipment or handing the wrong wires can be really dangerous. You or a loved one can get electrocuted. You can even start a fire in your home by making mistakes. 

Trying to handle electrical problems on your own can be costly as well. Lets say you go into your home circuit box to try to troubleshoot a light, but cut the wrong wire. You can accidently cut the wires to your refrigerator, not realize it, and the next day all of your food is spoiled. Hire a professional to avoid costly mistakes. 

Where Can I Find the Perfect Electrician? 

Now that you know you need a professional electrician to wire your electricity or trouble shoot current electrical problems, its now time to find one. Homify has made it really easy to search and browse for the perfect electrician The website smoothly organizes professionals by location and even style, so that you can browse past professional’s works . When you have found a professional you are interested in, homify makes it simple to contact them. You’re just one click away from hiring the perfect electrician! 


Still wondering how to work with an electrician? It’s quite simple! Let’s say your living room ceiling light no longer works. 


First, a consultation happens between the client and the professional.  The professional will analyze the problem by removing the light and taking a look at the wiring. They will also take a look at your circuit box to try to troubleshoot it from there. 


After the consultation, the professional will come up with a time and cost estimate. Lets say there is a problem with the wiring and the professional estimates it will take 3-4 hours to complete, at 25 euros an hour. 


You agree to the price and the professional gets to work. After 3 hours, the problem is fixed and your lights now work in your living room. 


An electrician will troubleshoot existing problems in your home, as well as install new electrical devices and systems in your new home. As electricity is such an important factor in our everyday lives, it is important to hire a professional  to avoid costly mistakes. 

What Other Professionals Do I Need? 

Other professionals you may need for your project include: 

Garden and Landscape Supplier This professional has the actual materials that the designer will use for the project. 

Landscape designer This professional often works with the architect to design the space that the architect created. 

Fencing and Gates professional This professional is skilled at creating and installing fences and gates of all types.