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If you have recently built a home, or are simply redecorating, you are very likely to find that the curtains, blinds and shutters you choose are one of the last steps in the whole process. Therefore, it is important to make sure you get them just right for when you move in! In this text you will learn about the many different options available to you so that hopefully you can make the perfect choice for you and your family!

Why do we need curtains, blinds and shutters? 

Whether it’s a bedroom or living room, you will find that these coverings for your windows can offer you a lot more privacy than simply having an open window. With curtains, you can have either full privacy, or an open window. But by choosing either blinds or shutters, it’s easier to have them partially open, allowing light to enter the room, but still affording you and your family privacy. In order to know what it is you need for your home, it is worth learning about the difference between curtains, blinds and shutters. This way, you can make an informed decision and even hire professionals who can make them for you, rather than having to buy them from a store. For example:


These are used in order to bring light into your room or create a blackout, when you are trying to sleep. You will find that with blinds, you will need to install them into the top of your window. They need to fit perfectly in order to be most effective. This can require help if you have no experience in ever doing this before.


This choice is one which is very popular are you simply need to choose the material and then they can be hung above your window. For curtains, you will need to keep in mind that it is essential to have a curtain rail. This is so that they are installed properly and can give you maximum coverage. Curtains can also be used in order to keep the temperature of the room to your needs. In winter they can provide you with a cosy room and can also be used for blackout purposes in bedrooms.


When it comes to using shutters, you need to weigh up whether or not they are right for you. This is because shutters are usually used in hot countries to regulate the temperature. They can also be used as well as curtains in order to make sure that the room is dark. The material used for shutters is usually wood, however, there are many different types. Whether you prefer pine or oak is something to take into consideration. Shutters can also be a much more expensive option, but they can give your home a rustic charm.

Where can I buy curtains, shutters or blinds?

It is a very good idea to keep in mind how you are going to make or buy your preferred choice. You will find that in your local area, there are bound to be many people who are able to make curtains and blinds themselves. Your options include: 

1. Homemade options from local designers—you can find these designers on homify 

2. Shops in your local area which provide patterns 

3. Warehouses where you will be able to find more patterns and options. 

4. Make sure to use homify to research seamstresses and designers

Homemade options can be a beautiful choice. However, it is a good idea to do your research so that you can be sure you will be getting the best for your home. Another option is to simply buy in store. Using homify, it is not hard to find professionals who can measure the size you need and then create your perfect blinds—so keep this in mind.

When can I find ideas and inspiration for my curtains, blinds and shutters? 

One of the best places on the internet is homify. Here you will be able to find hundreds of ideas for your home, whether it’s the initial steps such as searching for an architect, or simply putting in the finishing touches, such as curtains and rugs. By using the filters, you can very easily find professionals who can also help you with your needs, such as designers. You can follow their work and from this, you may find some very inspiring solutions too. Another option is to create an ideabook, from this you can then find your preferred blinds, curtains or shutters at a later date too. Another idea is to simply ask your friends and neighbours about their choices, when it comes to local professionals, there may be someone in your area who can create the perfect homemade blinds for you – what could be better than this?

Examples of curtains, blinds and shutters professionals

1. Contact your blind contractor. They will come to your home to discuss the materials you want and take measurements 

2. If you are having custom blinds or curtains made, you should speak to your designer and ensure that these are ready by the time your contractor is ready to install them. 

3. Your contractor will put up the necessary curtain rail or blind secure. They may then be able to attach the curtains themselves, if they are ready. However, you will find that it is easy enough for you to do this work yourself too. 

4. Keep in mind that you should now work with the first person you come across, simply find the person who gives you the best quote. 

5. If you are happy with the work of your designer and contractor, make sure to give them good feedback.


Overall, you are likely to find that once you have decided on a colour and material, everything should fall into place. It is important to be sure that you have paid a good and fair price for your choice to ensure that the quality matches too. However, there is no reason to pay over the odds and with homify you are likely to find some fantastic options and even professionals who can help too.

Which professionals can I hire to help me with my home?


This professional can be used if you are hoping to add decoration to your bathroom or kitchen. You will find that it is a very difficult task to do the work yourself. A tiler is an invaluable addition to your home build as they can create anything from simple tile patterns to mosaic bathroom looks. You can find tilers in your area on homify by simply searching the site.


A gardener is someone who is very important when it comes to having a finished and beautiful exterior to your home. They are likely to have a lot of experience with plants and can help you choose flowers which will bloom all year round. A gardener can also be hired to trim trees or grass and keep up with the general maintenance of your home.


A designer is someone who may specialize on one aspect of your home, such as the right curtains or blinds, or they could help you design every room in your house. Their work can be expensive and can last for as long or as little as you require them for. You can find many designers on homify, so make sure to check out everyone in your local area!