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The 21st century has brought about many wonderful creations, making everyday scenarios simpler and more efficient. This statement reaches a pinnacle when mentioning CGI, visualization and in particular, virtual reality. With the home in mind, concepts now being able to be fully visible, even before a single bit of work has commenced is paramount for confidence in a project. Clients can now rest assured that their imagined end product has been translated to a physical object with a simple digital demonstration of a building or an interior.

What is CGI/visualization used for?

CGI and visualization is used in conjunction with architectural and interior design processes to replicate both individual stages and end products where the building and designing of homes is concerned. With more realistic concepts and even genuine virtual reality viewings (using VR headsets) architects and designers can show off their ideas for a client’s vision as realistically as possible without ever laying a brick, or placing a sofa.

Why use CGI/visualization for projects?

If an architect or designer can show you a virtually realistic projection of their own mind’s eye, without even needing to use words or other potentially untranslatable or ambiguous methods of communication, you have the opportunity as a client to pick out faults, or put your finger on specific problems you see with the design. This leads to a more confident and hands-on process, where designers fully understand you and you fully understand the designer, leaving far less space for disappointment.

Where can I find CGI/visualization professionals?

Welcome to homify! With thousands of registered home and interior professionals all in one place, you’d need not look further for someone to help you visualize your current or future home in as much detail as you wish. Simply search for CGI or visualization agencies under our professionals tab, alongside your zip code and see results roll out before you. You can view previous projects and contact the professional for quotes and help.

If your search for a professional doesn’t return your desired results, you can also post a topic on our discussions board. Just post your query, ‘looking for CGI or visualization specialists in the San Francisco area’ or something along those lines, and receive responses from both experts in the field, or other users who may have experience with hiring specialists for their own projects.

Will hiring a CGI/visualizations be expensive?

Some more contemporary architectural or interior design studios may already implement visualization in their standard practices, as they realise it’s more efficient and retains more trust in the long-term for clients to have a full understanding of projects being undertaken. 

For those studios that don’t already include this, you may be able to suggest it, and then, with their compliance use a visualization agency to help produce some form of digital render of your concept. This will more than likely cost more than if you don’t use CGI or virtual reality methods, but limits the opportunity for any problems further down the line, which may incur extra costs of their own anyway.

The future of client-led design rests on end-user involvement and satisfaction. Ultimately, clients are always right, and the more they are included in the process of their project the more confident they will be in a designer or studio’s plans. Visualization and CGI offer the perfect solution, where, with virtual reality headsets at least, the user can literally walk into a digitally rendered replica of their future home or space design, leaving little room for dissatisfaction when the end product arrives.