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Maybe you’re not the biggest clean freak the world has ever seen, but you realize your place could do with deep spring clean? Or maybe you are, but you just don’t have the time to fulfil your cleaning urges? Why not employ a building cleaner? Don’t let anybody tell you you’re lazy, or a bit OCD for getting a professional in to do the work. Plus, you’re supporting an economy by doing so!

For projects great and small, there’s a professional ready and willing to do the jobs you can’t.

What types of building cleaning services are there?

Pretty much for everything that can be cleaned, there is a cleaning service available:

For small, home based cleaning requirements, there are plenty of one-man bands or companies that can offer appointed slots for a fixed fee to clean your space. With a variety of responsibilities from simple spring cleaning to weekly visits, washing of all things home, from laundry to dishes and everything in between.

If you’re looking for bigger projects, such as deep, full-home and building cleaning, your choice may also range from sole trader to a larger cleaning solutions company.

Where can I find a building cleaner?

For local and independent cleaners or cleaning services, you may be able to find good recommendations through family or friends, or find companies through local directories. homify also offers a breadth of choice when it comes to cleaning professionals. If you simply click the professionals tab, you’ll be able to search, with your zip code, cleaners and cleaning solutions organizations within your local area; browsing completed jobs and the chance to contact them directly for quotes and estimates.

You could also review or create topics on our discussions tab, receiving expert or site user opinions and answers to your questions.

How much should I budget for a cleaner?

Dependent upon what it is you need to have cleaned, the price could range from a mere $20 for a couple of hours’ cleaning, to hundreds or thousands of dollars for a full-building deep-clean. Similarly with the hiring of any professional, ask for a written costing, including a breakdown of individual costs before the cleaning is begun.

How long does building cleaning take and will I need to be away from the house?

As with the above answer, this depends on your requirements. If you are just hiring a cleaner for a day, you will probably be fine going about your daily doings as usual, with the cleaner working around you. With deeper, more intrusive cleans, you may find that you need to vacate the property for a period of time. Also as above, this should all be estimated before the clean begins, with a good and experienced professional being able to tell you as precisely as possible how long a clean will take and precisely what kind of space they will need to take up.

So, now you know that there’s someone out there to do the jobs you don’t want to do, why wait? Just visit homify, browse our registered professionals, or discuss your queries with experts and other users, and choose the right cleaning company for you.