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I know what you’re thinking; blacksmiths are reserved for Dickensian novels, a proud and necessary part of history, but merely that: history. No one is a blacksmith any longer. We don’t need horseshoes half as much anymore (ironic as a farrier actually makes horseshoes, not a blacksmith), and surely a machine makes other metal products now?

You’d be awfully wrong! Blacksmiths are still as prevalent as carpenters or any other forger of things.

What does a blacksmith do?

Blacksmiths heat and forge iron and steel to create objects using a variety of tools and methods. For the home, blacksmiths create tools such as shovels, hammers, axes, chisels and hoes; or hardware such as hinges, door handles and knobs, and hooks. Blacksmiths may also forge bigger pieces, such as furniture or surfaces.

Why might I need a blacksmith’s services?

You may already be using a blacksmith’s services unwittingly, any ornate or crafted iron or steel has more likely than not been forged by a blacksmith.

Otherwise, if you are in need of any custom steel or ironwork, a blacksmith is likely the person you should turn to. If you need matching hinges and handles for a new set of doors in your home, contact a blacksmith; if you are looking for bespoke hanging hooks for your kitchen, contact a blacksmith.

If you’re unsure whether or not your project or product wishes come under the remit of a blacksmith, it’s always best to contact some.

Where can I find a blacksmith?

You’ve decided you’d like to retain a blacksmith’s services, but where can you actually find one?

Luckily for you, homify has a number of methods to help you on your quest. You can use our professionals tab to search for any tradesperson within your local area, simply scroll through results and completed projects until you find the most suitable for you. With thousands of registered professionals to choose from, blacksmiths included, you can’t go wrong.

If you don’t happen to find what you’re looking for in your search, you can also create a discussion, via the discussions tab. Ask any question related to homes and interiors and receive responses from both experts and other regular users like yourself.

What should I be looking for in a blacksmith?

Quality contemporary blacksmithing is a hard earned trade, a trustworthy blacksmith should have extensive experience with the project(s) you’re looking to have fulfilled, they should be qualified, with college and other higher level study now part and parcel of a modern blacksmith; and they should be registered to trade associations, with recommendations and commendations from external and impartial sources.

Blacksmiths then, are still an integral part of home design, and rather than a forgotten 19th century trade, blacksmithing still produces every day products and features in the home. Start your search for a blacksmith by using homify, where you can scroll through registered professionals’ portfolios, to your heart’s content, or create discussions and receive answers and tips from other site users.