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Studio Design LLC offers full scale remodeling and new construction planning, finish selections and installation services customized to each clients' specific needs. Being an expert in her field, Debbie Davis CMKBD CAPS CLIPP of Studio Design works with whatever style each client is seeking. 

Material, installation costs and specialized terminology can be intimating to homeowners and clients' rely on Studio Design to create uniform vision of the project for installers, fabricators and manufacturers. 

Debbie uses her expertise in order to provide full scale remodeling and new construction space planning, finish selections and installation services. Studio Design specializes in kitchen and bathroom design, but also offers full service design services for the entire home.

  • Interior Design
  • Kitchen Planning and Design
  • Remodel Design
  • Bathroom Planning and Design
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Denver and suburbs
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Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer CMKBD
3100 Cherry Creek Drive South #101
80209 Denver
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Working with Debbie at Studio Design was wonderful. Her designs were fabulous, and she fully considred all of the details we wanted. In the end, the kitchen project finished up beautifully, on account of Debbie's excellent design. I'd certainly work with Debbie and Studio Design again. Cheers!
11 months ago
Working with Debbie was truly one of the worst experiences of my life. We paid a design fee up front that was supposed to include a floor plan layout, assistance with selecting finishes and materials, and project coordination with our GC. Additionally, she said we could get "much cheaper pricing" if we ordered through her vendors and used her "trade discounted pricing." For this, we would pay Debbie an additional 18% "design fee," but she claimed it would still be cheaper overall because of the discount. She assured us that she would help with "every step of the process" regardless if we ordered through her - we were only required to order our cabinets through her vendor. It sounded great. Unfortunately, Debbie lied about her services. She refused to help us with the selection of any finishes at all. Paint colors, wood choices, cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, sinks, everything: I chose every single item without any suggestions from her whatsoever. It was exhausting. I'm not a designer, which is why we hired one! As the project continued, I begged her over and over for design help. She responded inconsistently and only provided top-level links to her preferred vendors where I could spend hours picking out my choices alone. She manipulated us into ordering from her preferred vendors, where she would get her "design fee," despite having done zero design work. I caught onto her scam about halfway through the project after I realized that her "discounted" pricing was still much higher than consumer direct pricing, and we'd have to pay her 18% fee on top of that. Example: Debbie's billed cost for an Elkay sink:  List price $716.00 x her "vendor" 25% discount = $537 + Debbie's "design fee" (for the sink I selected without any input from her): $537 x 18% = $96.66 Total if we had ordered through her: $633.66 EXACT same sink at Home Depot = $337.47 I caught on when this happened and we attempted to avoid ordering through her any longer, but at that point, the damage was done. At the end of the project, we were presented with a MASSIVE bill for her "design fee" on everything I had picked out. Debbie walked away with THOUSANDS of dollars after doing nothing more than a floor plan layout. She also made costly and obvious errors like incorrect dimensions on her plans and "forgetting" to add outlets to our kitchen islands. Her design was off-balance, didn't provide enough clearance in walkways, and required many on-site modifications by our wonderful GC. I couldn't recommend her less. Furthermore, based on the work she did for us, I would also caution you not to trust the photos in her portfolio. As she refused to help me select a single finish for our project, any finished photos that look good are likely the result of the homeowner having good taste. 0 stars. Edit: I didn't "forget" anything. Yes, Debbie created a couple different layouts before the cabinetry order (her big commission) went through. After that, she did nothing. Debbie, if you can tell me what color the walls are painted, what stain we used on the floor, what kind of trim I picked, what the wallpaper in the bathroom looks like, what cabinet hardware I picked, or even what size the windows are, then I'll take this post down. But you can't, because you refused to help pick those things. I just want to make sure you don't take advantage of anyone else in the future.
about 1 year ago
Alderview has collaborated with Studio Design on several projects. It’s always refreshing working with a design firm of Studio Design’s caliber. Studio Design’s kitchen cabinetry layouts and designs have always turned out incredible. Debbie has an eye for design and it shows in her work. We look forward to working with Studio Design on future projects.
over 5 years ago