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The 1:1 architecture: design was created in 2012 by the architects Eduardo Sainz and Lilian Glayna; from his early projects the studio has captured the attention of customers, enthusiasts and national and foreign media. Present in over 45 countries publications, authorial architecture of 1: 1 is easily recognized and deservedly celebrated.
The mixture of minimalism with a cosmopolitan sensibility is the foundation, the starting point, the distinctive architecture of 1:1. No wonder that the duo chose Brasilia as the host, the geometric modernism is a rich concept to explore all. In addition to synesthetic influence of music, movies and good food is explicitly valued by its architects. In all interviews, Eduardo Sainz highlights this exercise as key to its creation process; naturally all his team follows suit. In addition to residential projects (such as the Box House, an absolute success in foreign media), 1:1 receives increasingly complex demands for corporate projects. The studio's portfolio of eclecticism is absolute, thanks to customer profiles drawn to the unique look of 1:1. One of the main differences, for example, is the application of unusual materials or spaces sober dramatic concepts (as the showroom Eurobike - Porsche); a true direction of authorial architecture of everyday projects. The product design as furniture and accessories is the second facet of 1:1; particularly the handling of corten steel, a hard material in the hands of the team turns into a light, rich visual element. Soon the luminaries of 1:1 will be available in retail for now are custom designed to each client. The team of 1:1 has participated in numerous national and international activities; as speakers in leading seminars, workshops and ministered participated in fellowships for foreign agencies. The choice to keep the boutique scale is conscious, so the team ensures monitoring and unmatched attention to every client. Commissioning work 1:1 architecture: design commission is a unique look, with a jazz touch. 


Eduardo Sainz - Project Manager, Architect. Founder of the studio, graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at UMSS in 2009 with a Masters in Technology, Administration and Management in 2010, winner of international awards such as the Red Dot Design Awards, good Bim and other featured projects. He worked as a child in the area, playing in the works and the parent studio. Today is the creative side of the studio, has the ability to transform musical, cinematographic and theoretical references in architecture, is Blues lover, Wines and Films of Pedro Almodovar, makes the initial sketches and concept of each project, wears glasses, and is responsible for the musical repertoire in the studio. 

Lilian Glayna - Project Manager, Architect. Studio founder, graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at UniCeub in 2008, MBA in project management by the Catholic University of Brasilia, Master in Interior Design at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona, pain in 2010. Extremely focused, organized and detail-oriented, have under his care the functional aspects, indoor and illuminate each project, and the administrative, financial and procurement aspects are also taken care of it, University professor, wears glasses, and is manic for food and dance.

Company awards
Bin bom da arquitetua Brasília 2014, Red dot design awards 2008.
SHIS QI 21, CL, Bloco A, Sala 205, Lago Sul, Brasília DF. Brazil.
71655-550 Brasília, Df


One of the architecture bureaus you should definitely visit in brasília. Very open minded to new ideas and inovative concepts. Go there!
over 6 years ago
O Edu é um docinho!!!
about 6 years ago
Excelente escritório de arquitetura, profissionais com um toque diferenciado e uma percepção aguçada do que precisamos em nosso projeto. Parabéns pelo trabalho e profissionalismo.
about 6 years ago