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PRATIKIZ Architecture: In terms of usage and function, space and objects desire to gain meaning and value through a beautifully beautiful line.

Buildings and venues for people; Taking into account the environment and context, the design, durability, aesthetics, comfort, and health conditions will ensure the design-project and makes the application. It contributes to the design culture of the employer and the user and thus aims to improve the respect for the design.   We adopt a functional and simple style design by paying attention to the environment and context, taking the form of the bed where the river flows, filling the pit, passing over the rock that it encounters and stopping in front of the obstacle.   Users in our designs; healthy spaces appropriate to physical and psychological requirements are considered in the context of the methodology of architecture. Comfortable, ergonomic, durable, healthy material recommendations, natural and artificial light, color, coatings and so on. materials and factors are the fundamental invariants of design.   Our working process; we start our meetings with our employer. In these interviews; we form the main framework of the project on demand, request and budget. We share this data with our project team and work together.   Our company is based in Antalya, design desire and passion for every problem sought to solve the problem as small or large without considering. The overall weight of our architectural and interior projects; commercial office-shop, hotel, housing and restoration, local scale to international dimension.

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Evimizin proje ve uygulama işlerin yapımı ve takibi ek olarak da mobilya tasarımlarını ailece çok beğendik.Bütçemize uygun tasarım olması bizi ayrıca mutlu etti. Y.Mimar Aydın Uçar beye ve ekibine çok teşekkür ederiz.
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Project date: March 2019
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