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About Us

Hong Kong-based business Lila & Lin started with a pair of mothers (South Korean & Canadian) from the local ex-pat community, who drew from their multi-cultural background and their passion for family and home décor to create a boutique home décor business specialising in custom modular sofas, carpets, chairs, beds, pet beds/cots, floor mattresses, throw pillows, and other upholstery. They custom-make furniture to help bring concepts to life, navigating the ideas in your imagination and translating them into the perfect piece. The professionals specialise in making handmade modular sofas with the traditional French upholstery method, besides handpicking and crafting stylish home décor pieces.

From oval to curved or irregular, the team custom-makes furniture in any desired shape and size, whether for the living room, outdoors, indoors, or sunken areas. Besides having an extremely high customisation capacity, the team also sources materials worldwide and has over 70,000 fabric selections in-house.

Growth story

Lila & Lin started their business, offering customisation and handpicked home décor to the ex-pat community in HK. As they grew, they started receiving custom inquiries via Etsy from clients who wanted them to make pieces the average Etsy seller doesn’t offer. The team saw the opportunity to create higher-quality, handmade, made-to-order furniture with perfect functionality and fit. Each of their projects is client inquiry-based, so they also focus on catering to their client’s needs. The professionals view every passing project as a stepping stone that helps share their joy and love of home decor with the rest of the world.

Competitive edge

 Lila & Lin stand apart from their competitors on several fronts:

· Custom sofas are their most popular products, for which they communicate with customers on instant live chat/WhatsApp messages to guide them through the design process. Unlike most other businesses, where clients interact with a customer service representative, the team offers clients direct access to their design team through WhatsApp to send messages or schedule calls.

· They carry a selection of materials of varied densities and types (indoor and outdoor) of foams in-house. In addition to the 70,000 fabric selections, they have access to materials and fabrics worldwide. The professionals also offer clients the flexibility of sending fabrics of their choice and the convenience of purchasing on their behalf from designer brands.

· While many competitors focus on making one or two types of products, Lila & Lin offers much broader customisation options. Clients can send in their sketches, drawings, or photos to present the idea of the furniture type they want. The design team interacts with the client on WhatsApp to discuss each project in depth before bringing the ideas to life.

Types of projects

The team offers customised furniture made by highly skilled experts. Before creating the pieces, they understand the client’s preferences and lifestyle to ensure the furniture fits harmoniously into the environment and reflects the homeowner’s personality. The projects include custom upholstery sofas, chairs, beds, carpets, and mattresses. They also offer whole-house design services for clients who want more than 3 or 4 furniture pieces for their project.

Noteworthy recognitions

Thanks to one of their clients, the Chief Editor of GQ Magazine in China, Lila & Lin was featured in the 2021 June issue to promote their summer collection.

Style options

The professionals pay attention to the client’s style, taste, and preferences since their projects are primarily inquiry-based. They blend different styles and motifs to create a unique aesthetic. Many a time, the looks often stem from free-spirited styling and a wanderlust attitude that breaks interior design rules while staying stylish and polished. Their preferred styles are Bohemian or boho and Eclectic. 

The three key elements the team uses across projects are colour, natural stone, and wood. They use fabric to add colours and textures on throw pillows, rugs, and window treatments. Artwork is another element used to bring colour and personality to a space. Besides these, they use accessories and personal collections as colourful accents in rooms, whether lively natural elements like flowers or fruits or grouped vases or bowls that create a colourful mass in any space.

Natural stone is an essential element of an organic-themed interior. But materials such as marble and granite tend to be costly, so the team subtly introduces a simple stone wall or stones stacked in one corner of the living room. They opt for statement pieces such as a marble table or lamp if budget permits.

Wooden furniture gives a sense of warmth and cosiness and is sturdy and durable. Custom-made wooden pieces are in demand nowadays, and the team offers a wide range of customisable furniture designs made of natural wood.

How to get in touch

Customers can send in an initial inquiry through live chat, email, or contact form on the website, to get a response from the team via email, WhatsApp, or phone calls. Next, the team moves on to the design phase, as outlined below:

· The process starts with the initial design consultation.  

· While the designs are being discussed, the shipping team parallelly works on shipping and ordering details (pricing, design prototype, production time, shipping costs, etc.). 

· Once the mock-up design is finalised, a formal invoice & contract is sent for review. 

· After the contract is signed and the deposit paid, production commences. 

· Clients will be updated via email on the production timing.

· Photos of the final product are sent to the client for review. 

· Once photos are approved, the final payment is sent before the piece is delivered. 

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Room 1007, 10/F, Sterling Centre, No. 11, Cheung Yue Street
00000 Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR China


Outstanding company to deal with. Exceeded my expectations in every way. Professional thorough generous totally fantastic experience. The pieces we bought are so beautifully crafted. The process was clear and Lila and the whole team were an absolute pleasure to work with. The support and commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. 10 out of 10. 
6 months ago
Project date: December 2023
I ordered a custom made mah jong sofa from Lila and Lin and wow it’s beautiful! A true work of art! I couldn’t be happier I absolutely love it! Not only that but they were extremely professional, sent me regular updates about the production and shipping of my sofa and were easily reachable by text or email. This is definitely the nicest piece of furniture I’ve ever owned and I am so happy with it! Will definitely get more furniture in the future from them! 
6 months ago
Project date: July 2022
Perfection. From the first time I contacted Lila and Lin until the delivery of my patio sofa pieces, it was always above my expectations.  They helped me with great design ideas, they went in search of additional fabrics, they upgraded the quality of the interior construction, and even the final packaging was absolutely perfect. The quality of the workmanship is wonderful. I’m thrilled to have found them and will continue to work with them for furnishings, both exterior and interior. 
6 months ago
Project date: November 2022