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Fritsch-Durisotti is led by Antoine Fritsch, Vivien Durisotti and Thierry Coste. Creative heart of the agency, their work lies in the concern for a balance between humans and their environment. Each project is considered as an all-embracing vision, aiming to provide a fair response, which is to be the most relevant for user expectations. The outcome of a project requires also an encounter, an exchange, a collaboration made up of humanity that gives strength and perspective to the project.

The agency works in harmony in terms of ideas and concepts. Vivien, Antoine and Thierry work on the same sheet of paper, pencil in hand. Things are moving very quickly, an idea can become a project in a very short period of time, the machine will then start and stop only when the idea has become an object, a model, a prototype, something tangible that can communicate and bring the project alive. The materials are not lacking in the workshop, creativity, as a wood fire, feeds on materials and tools in abundance to shape, test and validate principles.

When they create, they draw upon complementary basics. First, the meaning of useful, provide a function to the object in a specific context. Then economy, use material where it is necessary, remove surplus, like in nature. Finally, ingenuity, to make complex objects simple and understandable, aesthetics, in a streamlined form and tight curves, and eco-design, through the issues society is facing today.

For Fritsch-Durisotti, design is a discipline which covers a range of topics, nourishes and enriches its own initiative that benefits to future projects.

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