I thoroughly recommend the services provided by Aralia Garden Design; Pat and her team have a flexible working style and really listen to your requirements and ideas - the designs incorporate fresh and interesing concepts so you know you are getting something unique and special. Pat skillfully guides you through a multitude of choices; the detailed and colourful design drawings really help you visualise how everything will look in the end. The creative process is rarely straightforward and achieving my wonderful garden involved overcoming the occasional challenge along the way; throughout it all Pat maintained a calm, practical and down-to-earth approach which is a great asset. I am very pleased with the end result; the outside spaces enrich my quality of life - I have also learnt many new plant names! - excellent job, well done! The project was performed in 2009-2010.
about 7 years ago
Project date: November 2011
I have had the pleasure of working with Sam and Patricia and I must say Aralia's designs are spectacular. As a supplier I get detailed and defined drawings which doesn't always happen in our world. Top drawer firm with lots of talent !
almost 4 years ago
Beautiful open space , I went there for PX festival and I loved it
almost 4 years ago
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