Congrau Engenharia


In the field of engineering and construction, Congrau Engenharia is a company located in Lisbon that focuses on the degree of excellence in customer service.

Congrau Engenharia is a company that seeks to offer customers the highest quality of partial or total remodeling and root building services, as well as minor repairs and energy efficiency and thermal comfort solutions.

In Portugal since 2016, Congrau Engenharia is composed of a technical staff of engineers and architects with experience in the international market and who have worked in large multinational construction companies.

Today, Congrau Engenharia operates in the residential and commercial market, focused on energy efficiency, time optimization and cost rationalization. Using various tools, such as reports and schedules, Congrau Engenharia's technical staff can achieve these goals, generating savings for customers and speedy execution of works.

Total or Partial Remodeling, Root Construction, Small Repairs, Housing Projects? Count on Congrau Engenharia, we serve in Lisbon and beyond. We'll go to you for budgets in all Europe.

Rua Quinta das Palmeiras, 91 C Lj 64
2780-153 Oeiras