Mm interors


Super work and giveing nice suggestion by jagadesh garu thank u sir for nice intereals 👌👌👌👌
over 2 years ago
Project date: July 2019
Good service by mm group
over 2 years ago
Project date: July 2019
Best interior designers in vizag , good work, on time delivery, nice false ceiling works , Rock design Super
over 1 year ago
Nice service. My home look good now.
almost 2 years ago
Hi jagadeesh........ I'm from Gajuwaka...... I'm looking for interior designers for my home........ WATS ur project starting price....... ?
about 2 years ago
Pedda bokka service...please dont contact these guys for interior design...worst service....
about 2 years ago
Nice service.... Good job jagadeesh... My home looking good now.... Nice interior
over 2 years ago
Best output with reasonable price. They give best look to my home
over 2 years ago
I don't know about service but response to customer is too bad like they have no intention to do service. Even they take a lot of time to just contact the customer so just think how much time it will take to execute your work
7 months ago
I have given my interior designing contract of my flat in october 2020.the completion of the contract time was 45 days. but they failed to complete it .only 80% of the work is done and 20% is left over .till Feb 13 2021 the work was only 60% completed and i said Mr.J that i am shifting to the flat on feb 14th but also he didnt respond proper and on feb 13th after the shifting process started he did the 60-80% of the work and said that he will send the crew later and complete the rest of the 20% work till now i have waited for him to respond but he failed. The 45 days of contract work took 105 days to complete that too 80% only. i have paid him money on the perfect timelines when ever he asked me. i will attach the screenshots of the chat of MM interiors. Handle and screws fixing for all cupboards are pending. Partioning inside cupboards not done So we are not using them as it's not completly done My request to the people of Vizag is ""Don't Trust him and don't get to a assumption that he is a good person by his talk"" he just traps you till you sign the contract with him later we need to call him and he will say simply That he is BUSYYY BUSYYY. EVERYONE ARE BUSY THESE DAYS WITH THEIR OWN WORK i am Techie due to WFH i am working hectic these Days but its all about MANAGING if u cant manage many contracts in a single hand . why to take MANY CONTRACTS and make the clients suffer with ur improper work.
5 months ago
Contractor is not responsive after finishing half of the work, intially he's acts very polite and lateron shows his back face. Tired of contacting through calls and messages. Quality of work is not up to mark. Behaviour is very rude. Strongly suggests everyone don't fall of his polite behaviour and low budget intially, it's jus an acting until he gets project. My work started at March 23rd til now hasn't finished and not responded.
3 months ago
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