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De Panache is an interior design and execution firm based out of Bangalore . We specialize in luxury residential interiors. Since last 10 years De Panache have designed and executed several residences spanning from 1500

The company has established their style of work on the luxury segment by crafting the art of designing into void spaces.

ABOUT US         

DE PANACHE is an interior design and execution firm specialized in Residential Interiors. We have a full-fledged in-house design and execution team comprising of Architects, 3D Designers, Project Managers etc. DE PANACHE was founded on the belief that design has the power to transform our lives. We are creative problem solvers. By gaining holistic view of our client's needs, vision and context and adding our creativity, our work transforms our client's home. We believe in innovative design concepts and executing the same. Our wide array of bespoke imported surfacing materials can make your home look like a piece of art.

Since the inception, De Panache has designed some extravagant villas, pent houses, celebrity homes and apartments of impeccable beauty.


The core design team consists of creative designers and architects from various part of the country. A diversified background in culture, location and community helps them to understand different perspective of individuals.


The execution team is headed by some experienced Project Managers along with skillful and talented artisans and craftsmen who takes the responsibility of converting the intangible state of designs into tangible state of art.

The design team continuously co-ordinates with the execution team so the project is executed as per the 3D designs approved by the client.


De Panache’s clientele belongs from different professions and background. We had the opportunity to work with some prominent Industrialist, Celebrities, Doctors, Engineers and people from diverse fields both Nationally and Internationally.

De Panache offers design and end to end turnkey solution for residential and commercial spaces


Clients can reach us by direct mail, message or through our website (


Once the client gets connected with us, our main objective is

a)     To learn about client’s need, expectations and taste

b)  To know about the Super Built up Area (SBA) and the floor plan of the property

c)     A rough estimated budget which shall help us to customize and design according to the plan.

Once we understand the client’s preference, we shall provide some more design and ideas apt for the client

Visiting De Panache’s Office

A meeting will be held after the client takes an appointment. At the meeting the client can experience the detailed work and our creative approach for each and individual clients.


a)     A design proposal includes the scope of work

b)    A customized contract according to the client’s project

c)     Detailed terms and conditions regarding the project


Once the contract is signed, the architect visits the site with the team to take actual measurement and understand client’s requirement along with the client.

The creative design team starts working on the individual project and come up with 3D renders of the designs. Post that couple of meetings take place along with the client to finally arrive at a final 3D designs. Alteration of the design takes place when the client requires some extra customization to the designs.


De Panache provides a different array of materials mainly imported from European countries. Clients have the options to choose according to their preference.


After design and budgets are approved the execution contracts gets signed. The work starts soon at our factory and at site .


After execution is done exactly as per the specification provided in our execution contract, site is handed over to our clients.

The clients can expect a home that is designed with passion and elegance. A home that will captivate your guests.

Service areas
Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mysuru
#45, 7th Cross, 16 B Main 4th B Block, Koramangala Extension Near Koramangala B.D.A Complex,
560034 Bangalore, Karnataka, India


It takes a lot to make me write a review. The experience must either be outstandingly good or egregiously bad. I took the trouble of creating this ID so I can write this review. So you can imagine how annoyed I need to be. We acquired a villa and considered De Panache as one of the designers. But the contract was so strewn with caveats that I decided to wait it out. Finally i relented since I thought that the principal of De Panache had a good exposure to European design and thought that it might be a great experience. Here is my verdict. De Panache is the very worst in terms of attitude though the designs are good. This is a complete bait and switch joint where you will meet the principal architect and get influenced by her design only to see that all subsequent interactions happen with mediocre and bad-attitude workers. The principal is extremely rude and disappears from conversations without bothering to excuse herself. It has been 4 months and I am yet to see the final designs. If you express your displeasure you will be spoken down to in a very impudent way. Forget about picking up the phone and calling her. It wont get picked up. What a joint to entrust your new dream home to! I would not recommend them to my worst enemy
over 3 years ago
Project date: May 2020
We got our 4BHK villa done by De Panache team.I would recommend them strongly as the principal architect designs each of the project personally and I had lot of detailed design discussions with her team for material selection and drawings approval.I visited the site only twice during the entire execution as mostly I live in abroad.Everything was executed as per the 3D designs approved by me and I am happy with the way our house has come up.
almost 4 years ago
Project date: October 2019
We got our 5BHK independent villa with Home theater designed and executed by them.I absolutely loved their approach towards understanding the taste and requirement of the client and translating them beautifully into a house of my dream.I think they designed and executed my home as per international standard and even after 3 years it still looks classy and ahead of time.We were happy with their service.
almost 4 years ago
Project date: July 2018