We bring cork to your life. We’re with you every day, whether you’re looking for a solution for a quieter and more comfortable environment, or looking for a natural and unique element to complete your home or workspace design.

 We combine design, functionality, and performance, creating technical and creative products that serve a real purpose in the different areas in which we operate.

 Design your own home interior, or simply take pleasure in giving it a new look every season. Design, create and complete: get to work! Every step of the project can be fun. After all, these technical details make all the difference and are even better when combined with a touch of creativity! Isn’t it a fantastic challenge to build our own space, the most comfortable place in the world?

Contribute to a more balanced and sustainable world!

Our main raw material, cork, is one of the planet’s most sustainable natural resources when it comes to the environment, economy and society.

 Cork oak forests are natural retainers of CO2, the main cause of global warming, regulating the water cycle, protecting against erosion and fires, and nourishing biodiversity. In addition, cork is an important social and economic development factor for Western Mediterranean countries, enabling thousands of people to continue living and working in arid and semi-arid zones.

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Wonderful products!
over 4 years ago
Project date: May 2019