Interioforest Plantscaping Solutions
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About Interioforest 

The firm proudly calls itself ‘Plantscapers’ and specializes in beautifying urban landscapes with greenery to bring people closer to nature. It is aptly named Interioforest, as its team of experts specialize in creating greenery, including green walls and indoor gardens, within the interiors of residential and commercial spaces. They undertake end to end landscaping projects consisting of planning, designing, installing and maintaining plants and indoor gardens. As a full-scale landscape designer, although Interioforest carries out complete conceptualization, design and setup of interior and exterior gardens, its main focus is on enhancing interior spaces with customized plant-based solutions. The areas on which they concentrate are terrace gardens, balcony gardens, green walls with plants, patio landscaping and interior plantscaping besides setting up artificial grass in residential and commercial establishments. 

Range of Services 

  • Residential gardens and plantscaping projects 

These services are focused on enhancing the interiors of homes with beautifully arranged plant varieties that are native to the region and flourish well with minimum care. It includes greening of decks, windows, balconies, patios and even walls with edible plant varieties, besides exotic species in vertical and horizontal gardens that enhance the overall décor and improve the environment within the house. 

  • Commercial landscaping projects 

Several studies point to the benefits of having live plants inside the workplace as they enhance productivity by nearly 15 per cent. The commercial projects done by Interioforest include adding greenery through artfully arranged pots and vertical green walls as well as on work desks, in meeting rooms, foyers and visitors’ lounges to create a harmonious environment in offices. 

Landmark projects 

Interioforest has completed several projects in and around Pune that have earned them accolades and appreciation for enhancing aesthetic beauty. The most popular projects have been small customized garden designs and installations for balconies and terraces. The ability of plants to convert dull and discoloured walls into colourful and artistic masterpieces with features such as a cascading waterfall with trees at the base, walls interspersed with lush foliage and vertical gardens with beautiful flowers is truly amazing. These mini gardens are space-saving and also an excellent option for people who want beautiful gardens but lack space inside the house. 

Future Plans 

The team wants to extend its portfolio to include impressive landmark projects for commercial clients across Pune and Mumbai through creative collaborations with architects and interior designers to create environmental friendly projects that infuse positivity through using greenery. 

Work Process

  1. The first stage includes talking to the client over the phone to get details of the project requirements and then carrying out a site visit to assess the space, take measurements and study the layout of the ground. The inspection or site visit is carried out in the presence of the client to understand expectations and see if it is feasible, given the existing conditions and the budget for the project.
  2. After the study, discussions take place with the clients to explain to them if their space is large enough to meet the expectations and to present the vision and budget required to create it. The team carries out the designing and planning only after getting the go-ahead from the client.
  3. During the designing phase, two options are presented to the client to help them make an appropriate choice. After this, the final discussion and evaluation of the design take place, where the clients are also given options for the types of pots, plant varieties and other decorative details so that the most suitable arrangement can be selected for the location. During this stage, the price quotation for the project is also specified.
  4. If the client accepts the design and quotation, then the materials are purchased, and project execution begins at the worksite. After the implementation, the maintenance of the garden can be done via an app. Using it, the clients can update the details about the progress of their garden by posting images or updates such as yellowing of leaves. The experts at Interioforest study the photos and offer solutions to protect plants from withering, discolouration or insect attacks.
  5. Free maintenance and replacement are provided for three months after installation. Following this, the client can choose to continue with maintenance services for a fee.  
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Excellent landscaping - very professional attitude and support provided for maintaining the freshness on regular basis !! Good understanding of the plant types and cares required ! Understands clients requirements and execute to their satisfaction !!
6 months ago
Project date: August 2018
A great experience with the company . They are tuely professional.
6 months ago
Project date: September 2019
Excellent. Completely customized.
6 months ago
Project date: March 2018