Etons of Bath


I don't know what Eton's of Bath is but Google asked me how I enjoyed my recent time there. I am a bit of a shut in, so I haven't been into town for a long time but it was lovely to feel included, so five thumbs up for this bar, restaurant, spa or other local business one could potentially visit
9 months ago
As an art adviser I collaborated with Etons of Bath on two separate projects.They are a fantastic company to work with personable and engaging.They have inspired and considered concepts for interiors. Professional, communicative, innovative and all round lovely people.I hope to work with them on many more projects in the future.Vanita Barany Artroom London Ltd
about 1 year ago
about 2 years ago
almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago
A very nice place. Designer. Helpful staff. Not intimidating considering it's a money dripping out of all your pores type of place. Staff are welcoming and warm. Some of the customers still like to show their elevated financial status when in shop, I am just happy that the good helpful staff will hopefully empty their bulging money pockets.
over 6 years ago
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