The White Room


The White Room is a design studio built on the basic principles of enhancing the bare beauty of materials. We are continuously exploring the fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials. We are essentially modernist and our Architecture doesn't offer any Utopian prescriptions, rather it is a reminder that architecture has always been bare of any applied ornament, and confusion.To us, the way in which a wall meets a floor, or whether a door fits into a wall, flush or proud, are not mere details, but reflect fundamental questions. They are as much architecture as the planning of a sequence of rooms in a gallery, or the composition of a façade. For us, architectural reduction is a process that takes you through a mirror. You emerge out on the other side in that mirror world to discover richness in the subtle differences between five shades of white, and the sense of release that comes from allowing a wall to flow in space unencumbered by visual distractions. We consider architecture, of all the arts, as the one that most depends for its expressive power on rubbing up against the gritty constraints of every day life. And we are more than keen on exploration of the physical qualities of materials. These qualities come to us from the clarity of thought of the masters like Mies van der Rohe, John Pawson, Luis Barragan and Nari Gandhi who have all approached design as an issue of what to leave out, rather than what to put in.

400028 Mumbai