"It's in the small details that live the great certainties" - George Wilgner

We are located in the North of Portugal, but we work for any place. Areabranca, arises in 2013 with the architects Juliana and Tânia, in the ambition to combine Architecture - be it from scratch or remodeling - to Interior Design. In this way, the works initiated in architecture are thought to the last detail. With this combination of Architect/Designer, we can help to improve the quality of life and the environment where the client lives, whether in residential, commercial, health, hotel or other spaces. 

To choose an architect/designer, is to choose a future friend. To develop a good work, it is necessary that there is a great empathy with the client, in order to build a bond of trust between the two. 

We are a team focused on customization, quality and detail.


"Simplicity is the key to true elegance" - Coco Chanel

We combine architecture and interior design and assess the problems presented to us to find the best way to solve them. Our client's problem becomes our problem.

We have already executed several projects of architecture and interior design.

We provide a set of services that make the design process more enlightening and help you enjoy your home or workplace in the best possible way.

Architecture Projects

  • 3D Projects
  • Preliminary Study Project
  • Licensing Project
  • Execution Design
  • Construction Supervision

Interior Design Projects

  • Complete Interior Design Project
  • 3D Projects
  • Choice of upholstery, textiles, lighting and decoration
  • Supply and assembly of furniture and decoration
  • Furniture design
  • Construction supervision

Interior Architecture Projects

  • Layout definition
  • Choice of Materials and Finishes
  • Integration with Architecture
  • Integration with Interior Design
  • Construction Monitoring

Interior Consulting

  • Used to finalize specific spaces
  • Definition of Conceptboards
  • Choice of tones and colours, upholstery, textiles, lighting and decoration
  • Supply and assembly of furniture and decoration
  • Construction supervision


We are in Santa Maria da Feira. Our space was conceived to receive you in the best possible way. The space in which we live influences the way we see the world. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our office or work method.

We have clients in Switzerland, France, Tokyo and elsewhere in the world.

Our space was designed to receive you in the best possible way, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our work method and the way projects are processed by us, both Architecture and Interior Design. You can also check the quality of our products and benefit from a personalized service with our Team.


Architects by profession, we are passionate about details and Interior Architecture. We are two very different architects. Tânia is an architect more dedicated to Interior Design, a person more connected to aesthetics, it is the first contact with the client. Juliana is more connected to the technical side, to numbers, to coordinating the work. The two complete each other creating a balance and a greater scope in the projects.

From 2019 until 2021 we were present in Porto Canal, in the program D'mais with a rubric dedicated to Interior Architecture and Decoration.


We start the contact with the client through a form to understand the client's needs. Thus we can be more accurate in the services to be provided by understanding their needs.

To get an idea of the service that is most appropriate please fill out the following form:

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Rua Domitília de Carvalho, 24
4520-208 Santa Maria Da Feira


Muito positiva e com extremo respeito pelas preferências e sugestões do cliente, com uma abordagem muito fácil e amical, e resultados magníficos que foram bem aceites no mercado.
about 2 years ago
Project date: December 2021
Excelente equipa. Profissionalismo e recomendo a Areabranca pois trabalham com dinamismo e demonstram alegria nos seus projetos. 
about 2 years ago
Muito satisfeito. Alinhado com as expectativas criadas ao longo de todo o processo. Desde o inicio que foi dada muita atenção aos detalhes por n´ós desejados. Equipa sempre muito disponível para qualquer pedido.
about 2 years ago
Project date: January 2020