We understand the requirements of the client with respect to spaces and their relationship with each other, desired facilities, equipment list and most important of all, the ambition and resultant attributes of the space.

After through site analysis, we prepare design layouts with min. 2 or more options and have discussion on the same with the client, followed by a sign-off the final approved layouts.

Keeping in mind the clients budget, we see to it that we prepare cost effective design and details.

Discussion on all details, final estimates, schedules of the finishes and colour codes are done and the same finalized.

All working drawing are prepare with complete details and the entire portfolio is ready before any work actually start on the site. This way , we ensure smooth execution on site without any delays.

Regular site visit and supervision is carried out, and we keep the client updated with weekly reports on the progress of the site.

We finish the project by handing over a complete set of drawings, layouts and details of the project to the clients for his further references.

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