MARLEGNO mainly works on sustainable housing and timber framing, proposing itself as a manufacturer partner, competent and reliable, for the development of tailor-made projects. It also builds facilities for sports, for social housing and industry and it’s active in the tourist sector too. Distinctive features of the company are the focus on sustainability, the respect for the environment and the use of natural materials, environmentally friendly and recyclable. Experience, technical skills, enthusiasm for innovation, research and development on construction details, continuous training of employees, close monitoring of the quality of materials, machinery and technology and after-sales services are some of the certainties that Marlegno offers concretely. 

Marlegno realizes  tailored projects with a great attention to details and finishes, like a suit!

Via delle Industrie 14, Bolgare
24060 Bergamo, BG, Italia


over 5 years ago
Project date: September 2017
Personale altamente qualificato e attento alle esigenze del cliente. Ho visitato delle case campione ottime finiture,tutto al top
4 months ago
Azienda all'avanguardia sotto tutti i punti di vista, grande attenzione per i dettagli costruttivi, tante soluzioni disponibili per soddisfare ogni esigenza estetica ed economica. Project Manager e tecnici di cantiere molto preparati.
7 months ago