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The Ancient Home is the worldwide leading supplier of reproduction furniture and accent decor inspired by ancient civilizations, neoclassicism, and European antique. Thousands of items available such as impressive sculptures, ancient potteries and one-of-a-kind furniture, 80% exclusive to our brand.

Would you like to experience the luxury of a Roman villa, a mysterious Egyptian palace or a Medieval castle? With the assistance of The Ancient Home you can create a magnificent themed interior that you can match with any lifestyle accessories of your liking. 

At The Ancient Home you can find reproductions and inspiring accent decor from various civilizations such as Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Medieval, all gathered in one unique online platform. Even if you are not an experienced decorator, we pleasantly provide free consultation or find the best designer according to your needs.  

Our professional partners are delighted with the comfort of our wide selection of themes - saving time for priorities - and our excellent service supported by expert product advice and instant answers to queries. Due to the fact that most of our products are 100% handmade in Europe, we can guarantee that the only design limit is your own imagination.

  • Sculptures
  • pottery
  • frescoes
  • mosaics and antique furniture
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