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Frank Jermusek works in Minneapolis, MN in the commercial real estate industry. He has a passion for commercial real estate which his led to his tenured career as the President and Managing Director as SVN Northco.  Jermusek also currently runs his law firm, The Jermusek Law Firm LLC. Both of these pursuits combine Frank’s passions. He loves being able to combine his love for the law with his love for commercial real estate to ensure that both sides find the best option for everyone involved. Given the nuanced nature of the commercial real estate industry, Jermusek focuses on using his expertise to effectively and efficiently sell golf, resort, and other hospitality properties, in addition to the more typical commercial real estate properties. In his spare time, Frank enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

SVN Northco maintained their position as a leader in the Twin Cities’ commercial real estate market over more than four decades, with Frank Jermusek spearheading the charge. Given the firm’s specialized interest in the golf and hospitality industry, Northco has affiliated entities that include Northco Golf & Hospitality. The company services clients worldwide with their golf and hospitality needs.

For more about Frank Jermusek and his real estate ventures - check out his website.   

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