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Covering Manchester and the North West, Roger Hannah are chartered surveyors and commercial property agents Manchester for the commercial and retail properties. Dealing with issues such as business rates appeal and HS2 compensation

  • Agency services
  • auctions
  • expert witness
  • HS2 and building consultancy.
Service areas
Manchester and North West.
14 St Mary's Parsonage
M3 2DF Manchester
United Kingdom


Dealt with Robyn throughout and she was brilliant during the whole process. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roger Hannah again based on this experience.
5 months ago
They took my enquiry and never got back to me, even though I emailed to remind them. Utter waste of time.
6 months ago
"Ruthlessly Avaricious." Masters of 'Sharp practice'. Prey on vulnerable people who want to work. Always ask for documentation on verbal agreements. Always pay a good commercial law firm to examine their leases and correspondence....then an even better surveyor (they will save you a lot of money in the long run - usually with these people, keep right means put right!)...even better, no matter how much you think you need their premises to create your dream......Walk away or you will live to regret it - usually after being patronised, bullied or spoken to like something they've just stepped in! Don't say you weren't warned! But if you think that your business can pay their ever increasing rents - (usually substancially more than the RV), insurance, and repair their buildings to better than when you moved in, then crack on! Their accreditations mean nothing to them and so should mean even less to you. The laws protect landlords from rubbish tenants, but don't protect good tenants from people like these - after you've signed on that dotted line. If all landlords were like these, small businesses would be decimated - oops! have you looked at your local high street recently? - And these people blame business rates!
7 months ago