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Professional Architect: Hugo Hamity. 

My name is Hugo Hamity and I am an Architect based in Johannesburg. With 22 years of experience my goal is to offer uniqueness and quality in my designs, engineering the foundation to a successful project.

I offer a personalized service focusing in luxury, originality and tailor-made designs. My specialization is in the ability of recognizing my client's needs and translating them into original designs that suit their everyday lifestyle in the present and into their future. I strive for my designs to respond to the site conditions seamlessly and within budget.  My strength lies on the personalized service I offer, often my clients will ask me if I have other projects since my full attention is on each of them at all times throughout the entire process.

I specialize in new homes in and around South Africa, as well as Renovations in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas.

Do you have a residential projects outside South Africa?  I take on projects in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, and other sub-Saharan countries, always in association with local professionals to be within legislation requirements. 

The services I offer are either partial or full packages, as follows: 

Partial Service: consisting of 4 stages completed before construction.

Stages 1 to 4, or Partial Service, encompass taking the brief in detail, familiarizing myself with the site and the client, compiling a design concept on layout plans and 3D renders, developing the approved design technically, involving other professionals (as required), compiling a finishing schedule and completing the full technical documentation of the project ready to be submitted to the local municipality.

Full Service: Stages 1 to 4 above and further including  Stages 5 and 6 during and after construction (in Gauteng, South Africa only). 

If required, the client can appoint me for a full service package which further encompasses the following: Stages 5 and 6. Stage 5 begins once the contractor has been selected and the client has signed the building contract. During construction I wear 2 "hats", that of the Architect where I inspect and supervise the quality of the building, and that of the Principal Agent where I manage and administer the building contract between the contractor and the client. Other professionals such as the structural engineer and the quantity surveyor assist me on the above scope and they are an integral part of the process in order to ensure a satisfactory and expectation-exceeding final result. 

Once the home is complete, I issue a Practical Completion Certificate for the client to move in, and 3 months later I re-inspect the building and issue a final completion "snag" list which the builder is contractually bound to complete. Once this has been done satisfactorily, I issue the Final Completion Certificate, and the house is deemed to be complete. 

The above is a summary to help clients understand the process of my work, you are welcome to call me directly for a more detailed description and assessment of your needs.   Thank you,  Hugo Hamity

Qualifications: B.A.S (Bachelor of Architectural Studies) 1994 B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) 1996 

Memberships: S.A.C.A.P. (South African Council for the Architectural Profession) Reg. No. 5854 S.A.I.A. (South African Institute of Architects) Reg. No. 6653 G.I.F.A. (Gauteng Institute of Architects) 

37 11th street Parkhurst
2193 Johannesburg
South Africa


I have worked with Hugo Hamity for more than 20 years as a co professional and Interior Designer on various projects together. Besides being a fastidious architect who is practical. and professional in the finest details, Hugo is a brilliant architect with a real sense of environmental design and easy living.
almost 3 years ago
Project date: February 2014